The Ankle

I’ve been gearing up for running the MCM 10k race, my last race this year.  You cross the same finish line as the Marine Corps Marathon, and also score a cool medal.  I ran it last year, with no preparation whatsoever.  I had planned on training for it, but it was hard to train while on vacation in Spain and Greece (don’t hate!).

I had never run 6 miles in my entire life — the longest I had run was 5 miles, and that had been almost 10 months before then.  I ran about 6 miles total during the month leading to the 10k, so of course, I was unprepared.

I had no aim to run the whole thing.  I knew I could finish it, but knew it that I would have to walk for parts of it.  I surprised myself when I ran (albeit slowly) the whole thing, and the soreness the next day or two was totally worth it.  I finished in 1:18:42 which is a pace of 12:4o min/mile.

Now that I have completed a half marathon and a couple of 10 milers, and 6 miles is considered a short run, I was looking forward to running the same 10k this year.  Sure, the race course has changed, but no doubt I could beat my previous time.

That is, until this last Friday.  I was coming home, in the rain, while wearing my 3″ heels.  I don’t usually go to work wearing heels, as I have a collection of them under my desk, but that day it was raining, and it was jeans day, and it was cold.  So, since wearing flats meant I’ll be stepping on my hems (something, I must admit I don’t mind as much if it’s not raining), I left my house with heels.  So, coming home, I entered my lobby which has slick stone floors.  Very slick when, say, it’s wet.  My foot slipped under me, spraining my right ankle, while I fell forward to the floor, also banging my left knee.

After having to use crutches to get to my apartment, I spent the rest of the weekend icing my elevated foot.  Thankfully, the boy was the perfect nurse.

I’m hoping for a miracle.  I really wanted to beat my 10k time and get a new medal. 

On Friday, I will arrive at packet pickup, get my t-shirt and bib, and hope that on Sunday, my ankle is good enough to run in, even if I have to use an ankle brace while at it.  Right now?  I’m still limping with a swollen ankle.

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