I’m ready to run the 10k on Sunday.  In 2 hours, I’m off to the packet pickup.  It’s a mile and half from work to the expo, and I’m wearing my Active Ankle brace today with some more work appropriate sneakers (they know my ankle is messed up and I can’t really wear dress shoes yet) and so far so good.  The walk over there will be a good test to see if my ankle can handle it.

Tomorrow, I plan on putting the brace and running shoes on and going off for a quick 2 mile or so run to make sure I have no pain (because I know that after crossing the start line, there is no way I am going to stop if I feel pain, so might as well test out my stupidity ahead of time).  I haven’t been running in 3 weeks — my last run was the Army Ten Miler — so figured 2 miles might be ideal not to overdo it prior to the 10k.

Let’s hope for a pain-free run, and the addition of another medal to my collection!

Super excited for the expo!  If the Marine Corps Marathon expo is nearly as good as last year, it will be awesome.  It’s the best expo I’ve been to, by far.  The Army Ten Miler wins for being the worst expo yet.

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