MCM 10k

So much for my hopes of going for a short run on Saturday, to prepare my body for the 10k on Sunday, after a 3-week break.  I woke up on Saturday morning with the sound of rain outside, and it continued to rain non-stop on Saturday.  Not just any rain, but flood-inducing rain.  I’m not a fan of running in the rain, but will suck it up during the warmer months when I’m training.  This?  This was not an important run, and going outside dodging puddles and slippery roads while nursing an ankle sprain and a cold would not be a smart idea either, even if the weather wasn’t chilly (it was).

I spent the day at home reading and napping instead.

The MCM 10k went as expected.  After a 3 week break, I had a hard time running 6 miles as my endurance was shot.  Unbelievable that less than 2 months ago I was crossing the finish line of a half-marathon, at a slightly faster pace than I was able to run the 10k yesterday.  The ankle held out fine with the brace on, but as the sun came up and the weather got warmer, so did the brace.  I could feel my ankle/foot overheated and sweating, while the rest of my body was still comfortable.  I’m glad I wore the brace though, because even though I was successful in avoiding potholes, it wasn’t worth taking any chances when my ankle is still swollen and unstable.

I did finish the race at 1:15:29 or a 12:09 min/mile pace.  Not horrible, but a good 6 minutes slower than my last 10k a month ago.

Though the ankle held up, my plantar fasciitis foot hurt like hell before and after the run.  My break was to get the foot back in order, and turns out that the break made no difference.  My right hip also started to hurt (my right hip has been hurting after runs, since I got burned in July, and had to take a  2 week break from training.  As soon as I got back in training, my hip started to flare up).

I feel like I’m 70 years old.  WTF with all these overuse aches and pains?

MCM 10k

With Karl sporting our medals after the MCM 10k

After we ran, I went back to the finish line to cheer for my friends Jeff, Max and Margaret who were running the marathon.  I felt guilty running 20 miles less than they did, but glad I hadn’t signed up for the marathon now that I have tons of fun new injuries to deal with.  All of them beat their predicted time!  It was great seeing them struggling up that last steep hill up to Iwo Jima (the person who decided that ending a marathon with one of the steepest hills in Arlington was a good idea should be shot).

Seeing all the marathoners finish certainly inspired me, and now Karl is finally seriously considering running a marathon next year with me.  He also felt guilty only running 6.2 miles…

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