I mentioned before how I absolutely LOVE my running group.  I started the group on meetup a year ago, today we have 700 people signed up for the group, and of those, about 50 people come out frequently to our runs.  I have made some awesome friends since then!

This weekend, was the second year of the Run! Geek! Run! 8k and a few of my friends from the group, taking advantage of the fact that it was halloween, decided to go dressed up for the event.  I missed the run, as my foot is still recuperating and ended up catching up on sleep instead, but I was sent a video (I’ll post it here if they upload it on youtube) and pictures, and they are hilarious!

These are a few of our regular runners running the race:

And yes, the vegetarian of the group IS wearing the bacon.  She claims it was tofu-bacon.

I cannot believe I missed this!

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