With exception of the MCM 10k in the middle, I took 5 weeks off from running.

5 loooong weeks off.

All in hopes of getting my foot that’s been suffering from plantar fasciitis back on track, then nursing my recently sprained ankle.  I went to the doctor, got custom orthotics, even bought new shoes in hope to change my running to a midfoot strike (I definitely strike with my heels now), hoping that will also solve some of my issues.

Saturday, I finally rejoined my group for an hour long run.  The foot?  Hurt immediately.

And, I couldn’t keep up.  Had to rest at 20 minutes, and ended up doing a walk-run to the end, with more walking then running.

Two months ago, I was completing a half marathon, now I’m having difficulties running 2 miles?

I need to get back at it, and suck it up through the pain, as it doesn’t seem like it will get any better.  5 weeks off should’ve been plenty of rest.

Can’t run during the week this week as I caught a nasty cold (and considering my difficulty breathing on Saturday, I think I was already sick then).  But this Saturday?  Sick or not, I’ll be rejoining my group for yet another attempt to run for an hour straight.

I completely lost my endurance.  This is frustrating.

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