Isn’t it great how I start a new blog about running and then, uh, don’t run?

I’m slowly trying to get back to it.  Last Saturday, we had another hour run, and AGAIN, I had to take a break and walk a few times, but by my calculations I ran 52 minutes out of the hour, so hoping in another week or two I’m back at it.  The good news?  Despite feeling my heel for the first few steps, I had no pain since, so my concentration on the midfoot strike seems to be working.

Right now I’m moving, and been busy painting the new place, packing, and recovering from a cold that never goes away, so haven’t been able to fit any runs during the week.  This Saturday?  It’ll be another hour long run, and likely another break until the following Saturday.

A month from today, I’m off to Brazil to visit my family.  I hope to be all unpacked and done with moving by then, the Boy is tagging along for the last two weeks of my trip, so we’re hoping to get some runs in there as well.  When I get back?  Training for the Shamrock Half-Marathon starts.  So the slacking won’t last long…


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