Move and Vacation!

This Saturday our furniture will be officially moved from the old place to the new place.  So officially, Saturday is my moving day.  Said that, I’m far from being done, there is still a left in order to fully empty the old place out.  I’ve been there over 4.5 years and have accumulated a lot in that time (I am a pack rat!).  Add that to the fact that I only have nights and weekends to work on the move, I am SO behind and starting to freak out.

Our move was scheduled for noon, since 9:30am on Saturdays is the time for my hour-long run.  Of course, Saturday is also meant to rain AND snow.  Yep, the day of our move.  Not just rain.  Nope.  Snow too.  Because moving in the rain is just not enough of a challenge.

Though I have run in the rain many times, running in the rain when the high is 40 degrees is NOT fun.  I’m a wimp.  I don’t mind getting wet.  I don’t mind running when it’s cold out.  I do mind getting wet AND cold.  So no running for me this week if the weather people are right.

Two weeks from tomorrow, I fly to Rio for xmas (!!!) and NYE (!!!) to spend the holidays with my family.  Karl is meeting me there right after xmas, yay!  It’s his first time in Brazil, so he’s excited too!

We made an agreement that though we’re going from freaking cold to freaking hot, we will be running on vacation.  I’m packing my running shoes, dry-fit clothes, moisture-wicking socks and garmin, and I’ll be trotting along the boardwalk in Barra beach.  I might take my dad out for a run as well.

I so hope by the time I get back I can get my routine back in order and go back to running 3-4 times a week.  This running-once-a-week-for-an-hour routine is doing nothing for my endurance, my fitness level or my waistline (let’s not even mention all the aches and pain the days I do run).  I’m now struggling to run 3 miles, when 3 months ago, I was crossing the finish line of a half-marathon.  I feel defeated, but hope it won’t last for long.  Plus, the week we get back is the first week of training for the half-marathon (following this same training schedule), so there will be no time to procrastinate!

I have marathon dreams for next fall, and am already signed up for a 10 miler and another half marathon!  I can’t freaking wait until I can run two+ hours non-stop again!

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