I have a problem

I’m still recovering from my plantar fasciitis, still struggling trying to get my endurance back (no luck so far), already have sights on running my first marathon next year (the Chicago Marathon), and bit the bullet and signed up for the Shamrock Half Marathon in March, the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in April AND the VA Beach Roll & Roll Half Marathon in September.  Yes, September of next year.  Almost a year away.

And yet, knowing that I have no idea when and if my foot will ever go back to normal, here I am, spending 85 bucks and committing myself to yet another half-marathon…  This one in June.  All because of an email promising a pink race tech shirt.  And I don’t even like pink.

So 2010 hasn’t even started yet, and I have already signed up for three half-marathons and one ten miler.

And this weekend came and went, between moving, the freezing temperatures, and the snowfall we got, I didn’t even attempt to go out for a run.

I certainly have a problem.


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3 responses to “I have a problem

  1. Funny, I see nothing wrong with this. 🙂

    Chicago is going to epic next year! 10-10-2010! I’m seriously considering doing it again just because of the date! (Not to mention I am now in love with that city since I did my first marathon there)

    Regarding your Plantar – Spike has it really bad too, you might want to hit him up for advice. I do know he has a little trick where he freezes those tubes of juice and rolls his foot over it after runs. Def worth a shot. Hope it heals up quick!

    Best of luck in all your races next year!!!

  2. Only another runner would see nothing wrong with this!

    And I totally decided on Chicago before knowing it would be on 10/10/10. When I found out I just knew it was too late to change my mind! 🙂

  3. so i didn’t know chicago was 10-10-10 either! it’s just meant to be for a first marathon!

    glad you found my blog!

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