I caved!

I’ve been hearing about these shoes for well over a year now, dying to try them…  I knew Karl was curious about it as well, so I held off on buying them for myself since I could get him a pair for Christmas.

As we exchanged gifts this weekend (since I’m in Brazil as of Saturday, he is only joining me on the 27th), and he loved his new Vibram Five Fingers KSO’s, I went online and purchased two pairs for myself (really hard to find my size in stock!).  As I had a sweet coupon for City Sports which saved me about $20 on a pair of Classics, I ended up buying the Sprint model on Kayak Shed as well (unfortunately, no coupon codes for them…).

I’ll get my Classics tomorrow!  I’m excited, as I’ll get them just in time for Brazil!  (Yep, I’ll look like a fool on vacation.)

So, on my way to the airport, I’ll be sporting these:

Then, shortly after I return from vacation, these babies should be waiting for me:

Yes, if I’m going to look ridiculous, might as well do so in fun colors…  My mom got all excited for them, and now she also has a pair of the Sprints on the way over to my place (Karl will be bringing them to Rio with him).

The reviews for them are great, everywhere you look there are high praises for it.  Let’s hope they are as wonderful as people make them to be, and that it’ll help solving my plantar fasciitis issues as well!

Once I actually get a few runs in with them, I’ll definitely post a review!


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