Almost back…

I spent 3 lovely weeks in Rio with my family and Karl.

At Barra Beach, near my parents place

I even tried out my awesome new Five Fingers shoes.  I went for just a half mile run in them at first with my dad, then a mile run in them with Karl, and I LOVE them.  Wasn’t able to run more in Brazil due to timing (we were running all over the place a lot for sightseeing, etc), and just plain heat (it was in the 90’s).

I just have to figure out how to make the complete transition from regular shoes to the Five Fingers full-time, but seeing that I should now be in my half-marathon training, and the Five Fingers take a while to transition to (my calves were killing me after the 1 mile run), it’ll be hard to fit that in, since mile-long runs are not part of the training plan!

I also got my foot checked out with an MRI, and turns out I don’t have plantar fasciitis, after all.  I actually have a bit of internal bleeding in my heel (not sure of the cause, probably just pounding from the runs), and that has been the source of pain.  It’s no wonder the orthotics the doctor gave me made it worse!  One more reason to use more of the Five Fingers and work on not striking with my heel so much.

After I got back, I had a horrible cough with a bit of fever.  Then last Friday I got a full on flu, and spent the weekend in bed with a high fever.

I hope this Saturday I can finally, finally, start running again.  I will be 2 weeks late in the half marathon training, but I’ll just worry about covering the distance even if I have to walk parts of it, until my body is in running shape again.

It’s been too long.  I miss running.


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2 responses to “Almost back…

  1. So jealous of your vaca!

    It seems like every injured person I know has been making the transition to Vibram 5 Fingers. Good luck!!! I hope it helps!

    Being injured sucks. I deal with ITB issues off and on and I def know the feeling of missing getting my run on! *Keeping my fingers crossed you are back on the streets soon!*

  2. I’m hoping the flu is finally out of my system this Saturday, so I can try to get back into it. The Five Fingers are awesome though, I can’t wait until I’m running in them all the time!

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