On Saturday, I finally made my way back to a run.  It wasn’t pretty…

I should seen the signs in the car, when after charging my Garmin overnight, it was not powering on at all.  Luckily, I gave Karl his own Garmin for Christmas, so we could at least record the run.

I met up with the running group by Roosevelt Island, and for the first time since the fall, we had over a dozen people out! From there we crossed the Key Bridge into DC and took the Capital Crescent trail.  My pace was my usual slow pace, I didn’t want to push it knowing I hadn’t been running in weeks.  We were meant to do 6 miles, already 2 weeks behind my half marathon training, and I also had no idea if I could push through to 6 miles.

You know those days when everything goes wrong?  For the first 2 miles I was feeling great.  I warmed up pretty quickly, was enjoying to be back out there.  Karl wasn’t as lucky — he started having knee pain right at the beginning.

By mile three, my left hip was throbbing, I could feel my hamstrings being too tight.  And I gave up and walked…

I finished the 6 miles, but had to walk/run to the end, with an average overall pace of 13:20.

Yesterday, I woke up sore, the whole back of my leg, from my ankles up to my hips, completely tight.

I now need to work shorter runs in during the week, so I can slowly transition from my current shoes to these babies.  My mile-long run with them in Brazil went great, so it’s about time I take them out in DC.

If only my legs weren’t SO sore today.

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