The Toenail

Most of my running buddies have lost a toenail or two.  Or at the very least, had a bruised toenail to show for the miles they’ve ran.

Of course, as a runner, you’re conflicted by this.  In one way, you don’t like being the only one who has their toenails intact — what does that say about you being a real runner?  On the other side, have you seen toes with missing toenails?  YUCK.  And I’m a sandal and flip-flop lover.  That would not work.

While training for the Rock n Roll Half last September, the toenail on my left big toe would throb and be sensitive to the touch.  Of course, having painted toenails you really can’t tell what’s going on.  Being the lazy type that does my pedicure at home and sometimes just buff the toenail before putting a new coat on instead of removing all the old polish from it, I never really did find out.

That is, until I moved, couldn’t find my old nail polish, and going for a completely different shade, was forced to completely remove the old stuff.

I then found out that almost half of my toenail was no longer attached to the base.  Hot, I know.  I promptly showed it to Karl, of course, as to prove that when I complained of pain it wasn’t just being dramatic.

The toenail is still there — it seems that had my training lasted a couple of more weeks, the toenail would have been gone.  But the throbbing pain is back.  Not when I run, though I haven’t been running that much to confirm, but when I wake up.  It’s to the point that it limits the shoes I can wear to work in the morning.

It doesn’t look like this toenail is falling out anytime soon (and I sure hope it doesn’t fall out!).  By why does it hurt so much?

(And yes, I cannot believe I wrote a whole post about my toenail.)


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3 responses to “The Toenail

  1. Liz

    I just discovered your blog–very cool! Unfortunately, the whole black toenail thing happened to me back in November. It just fell off last week–not cool! But, it’s not as gross looking as I thought and I think that if you just paint the skin, it’ll look fine to someone who’s not inspecting it too closely (I hope so, anyway!) Congratulations on the engagement, by the way!!!!

  2. Thanks, Liz!

    My toenail stopped throbbing, so I’m hoping it’s sticking around for good. No fun in losing it, while we’re almost in spring!

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