Running in the dark

Yesterday I met up the running group after a long time of not running after work.  I have run in the dark before, but oh my gosh, do I hate running in the dark when it’s freezing out.  Knowing that the trail would be dark and that headlamps were needed, made me really not want to get out.

But I did, headlamp and all.  Surprisingly, this nifty headlamp worked wonders.  It didn’t bounce at all, and didn’t bother me at all.  Just enough light so you could see the bumps on the trail.

We were supposed to go for a 50 minute total run.  I was using my Five Fingers (yay!) and Karl was carrying my change of shoes with him, so that I could switch when it was time to turn around (I’m just getting used to them, and trying to “ease” myself into using them full time).

22 minutes in, there was a part of the paved trail that was scraped off.  I was paying attention to that.  What I didn’t pay attention was for the part of the pavement that was raised by a root.  Needless to say, I tripped, tried to catch my fall and successfully did it until I reached the dirt on the side of it.  Didn’t quite make it to the grassy part, so was covered in dirt.  My knee wasn’t doing so good when I tried running again, so I switched shoes then and headed back to the start.

My 50 minute run ended up at 42 minutes (boo!), but I have a bruised knee to show for it.

My left hip, which was bothering me on Saturday, didn’t start hurting until after I switched to the normal running shoes.  Hmmmm…  I wonder if it’s related?  I try imitating my form in regular running shoes as I do with the Five Fingers, but wonder

Karl offered to carry my shoes for me from now on, until I can do the whole run in the Five Fingers.

I’m sore today, a combination of playing volleyball after 5 weeks off, running, and falling, so I might skip tonight’s run and hold off until Saturday.  I’m meant to run for 80 minutes then…  I can’t wait until I don’t need to take breaks anymore!  Remind me not to get injured again, so that I don’t have to stay away from running for this long…

7 weeks away from the Half Marathon…


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8 responses to “Running in the dark

  1. Lindsay

    How many half marathons have you run? I just started training for one at the beginning of this month and I’m afraid to register for the actual race! I don’t know if it’s the commitment or what but if I wait too long it’s gonna sell out 😦

  2. I’ve only ran one, and that was last September. Mid-training I got second degree burns on my leg (from a spilled casserole straight out of the oven), that left me bedridden for almost 2 weeks. I had a month left of training, and was still able to pick it back up in time for the half.

    To give you an idea, the day before the accident, I had run 8 miles in the morning and a 5k that night. The day I got back to running, 2 weeks after the burn, I had to walk after 2 miles.

    The half was tough, but I finished it with no problems.

    I’d say sign up for it! All you need is 10 weeks worth of training, and once you actually register, it forces you to keep it up. You will make less excuses to go out on a run, because you know you HAVE to run.

    Which half are you planning on signing up for?

  3. Lindsay

    I’m considering the More/Fitness Magazine Half on April 25 in/around Central Park… I’ve never really been a runner. Even when I would run, it’d be on and off (run 5, walk 5 style). I started “training” just after the New Year… I had a health issue come up and had to take the last 10 days or so off. I ran 2 1/2 miles last night though (longest so far) and was surprised I still could!

    Did you follow a particular training program? I haven’t run outside yet so I’m not sure how that will go or how I’ll map/measure the distance yet…

  4. I used this program:

    I converted miles to minutes, so that everyone in my group could successfully train. I run outside (treadmill running bores me to death), and for me it is a lot easier counting time than miles, even though I have a GPS.

    You’ll build your endurance, because at the end of the day, it’s how long you’re out there for.

    Since you’re starting running now, count down ten weeks from the race day, then make sure to just build your mileage until the start date so that when you begin, you can run for an hour straight comfortably.

    And don’t forget: you can always walk some of it. Check out the race cut off time, and figure out what pace you need to be in order to finish it. Even if you plan on running the whole thing, it gives you that extra confidence that if you can’t do it, a walk break is ok.

    When I first ran a 10 miler (last April), I knew the cut off time was 2:20, which meant a 14 min/mile pace. My running pace was a 12 min/mile, so every mile I covered I knew I had an extra 2 minutes in front of the bus (that was picking up the slower folks). Luckily, I was able to run the whole thing, finishing in less than 2 hours, but it did build up my confidence knowing that even if I wasn’t sure if I could run the whole thing, I was sure I would be crossing the finish line.

    By the way, is a great resource if you want to calculate how far you ran. You can use it ahead of time to plan routes, or just log what you did after the fact. The “hybrid” map feature is perfect because it also shows the trails.

  5. Lindsay

    I’m guessing it’ll be easier for me to run outside so hopefully I can get out there soon without freezing! I think the race cutoff is 3 hours or so? I have to check to be certain…

    What kind of GPS do you have? I’ve been looking at a few and think it might be a good investment…

  6. I LOVE my Garmin. Most people in my running group either have the Forerunner 205 or the 305. Other people with other models of GPS don’t like it as much. has the best deals on it so far, plus no tax and free shipping.

  7. Lindsay

    I’ve been looking at the 205 🙂 I don’t think I need a heartrate monitor really… Which do you have?

  8. I got the 205. I used to have a Timex watch with heart rate and I never bothered using it.

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