Shamrock Half!

The Shamrock Half Marathon yesterday was my first race this year, and my first race in 5 months!  It was a great race, incredibly well-organized (the best I’ve seen so far), and I surprised myself by finishing a few seconds faster than when I ran the Rock n Roll Half — a race I was much better trained for and was not dealing with any injuries then (and this time I even stopped for a quick pee at the one porta-potty with no line!).

I’ll post a race recap later (I took pictures!), but for now, here is the coolest medal I’ve got so far:


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4 responses to “Shamrock Half!

  1. trialsoftraining

    ha, that IS a cool medal!! might have to look into that next year 😉

  2. trialsoftraining

    and Congrats on a fast finish!!

  3. I am visiting from trialsoftraining. I think I saw a comment that you are running Chicago this year…? I am too! Congrats on the half and faster time! Can’t wait to read the report!

  4. trialsoftraining — it really is a cool medal. It’s my best one by far! (And my finish was fast on my standards — I wish I was fast as you!)

    kilax — I signed up for Chicago! It’ll be my first marathon… I’m already scared and there’s 7 months to go!

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