I finally updated my blogroll — I discovered tons of new blogs after starting this one, and though I’ve been reading them consistently, I finally got around to updating it on the side here.

For the other runners out there, I highly recommend these blogs, they’re entertaining and inspiring (and some even funny!).

As I find new running blogs to read, I’ll make sure to keep my links updated!

Shamrock race report coming soon…  I haven’t had a chance to upload my pictures yet.  Fine, fine, I’ve been lazy about it.  But it’s coming, I promise!


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2 responses to “Blogroll!

  1. ohhh i am on there!!! THANK YOU 🙂

    alright now get to that report missy 😉

  2. I might as well advertise all the great blogs I read 🙂

    Report is officially written… Now I just need to upload those pics to go with it so I can post it!

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