Wednesday Run

Wednesday I had a great run, my first run after the half marathon!  I met up with my running group at our usual spot near the Crystal City metro, then off we went to the Mt Vernon Trail.

I get tired of running in the Mt. Vernon Trail, but I admit that I take it for granted — passing by the National Airport and seeing the planes overhead is always fun, plus we get such a great view of DC from across the Potomac!  But even though we’re running parallel to the river, the route is far from flat.

A former coworker (who still works in my company, we just no longer work in the same department), came out to run with us for the first time, so I decided to attempt to keep up with her.  She’s just getting back into running, and hasn’t done any high mileages yet.  Our run was just 50 minutes long, so it should be no problem keeping up with her.

I was feeling good through most of it, I noticed myself getting tired but it was nothing that I couldn’t push through.  I completed 4.47 miles, at an average pace of 11:24 min/mile.  Weird to think that just a few months ago, I ran a whole 10 miler at that pace, and still had energy left at the end.  This time, I was exhausted, and my right toe joint (that has been bugging me lately and has cut many runs short) was killing me, but I chose to ignore the pain.

My toe is still hurting, so I’m avoiding high heels and any tight shoes that make it worse.  I’m having mixed feelings about it though.  I really don’t want for little injuries to mess up with my running this year, like they did last year.  Do I push it through, or rest for a couple of weeks after the Cherry Blossom?  If I rest, by the time I get back to it, I’ll already be in high mileage for the Zooma Half Marathon training, and that might cause other injuries.  If I don’t rest, this might get worse.

Can’t my body just cooperate for once?


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3 responses to “Wednesday Run

  1. Silly toe! UGH! Why can’t our bodies just let us run?! I messed up last year and missed the fall racing season so I understand why you don’t want to miss out. 🙂

    That trail looks great (googled it) even though you say you’re sick of it! I may have to check it out when I am in DC in May.

  2. It’s definitely the prettiest trail around here, but we run there at least once a week (and when I used to bike to/from work, it was through the exact same trail!). It has great views of DC, and you can access DC from it as well.

    Definitely shoot me a message if you want tips on where to run when you’re here! (Or come out to one of the group runs with us!)

  3. Thanks for saying hi!

    Your running is super impressive! I struggle with staying motivated, and I hate that. I want to jump in and never stop, but I always seem to end up in a slump along the way. I looking forward to reading more!

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