So much for my Run Commuting that was meant to happen today!  The weather is absolutely miserable, so Hugi made other plans.  Of course, I’m not hardcore enough to brave the rain for an hour on my own.

We will try it again tomorrow…  Unless, of course, inspiration strikes and I get myself out there on my own when I leave work tonight.  But that?  Is highly unlikely…  Maybe if I had brought some music to drown out the sound of the rain, I would seriously consider it.

Saturday, I had my last “long” run before the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler.  Since Karl is not running because of his bum knee, I thought I had to make it out on my own.  I went prepared with my ipod, even loaded it up with new music, but Lindsay, who also runs my pace, came out.  I hadn’t seen her since the Army Ten Miler, so that was a nice surprise!  (Plus she said it looks like I lost weight — flattery while running?  Awesomeness!)

We had about ten people coming out.  We parked near Roosevelt Island, then took the Key Bridge to the Capital Crescent Trail.  I haven’t been there since January, and it was a nice change of pace.  There’s not much on the way of scenery going on there, so it can get quite boring at times, but it’s one of my favorite spots during the summer, as it’s the only trail around here with full shade!

The 8 mile run felt easy.  It also helps that it’s a very gradual uphill on the way out, and very gradual downhill on the way back.  You don’t really feel it, but it’s exactly what you need when you turn back around!

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