Chicago and MCM?

A crazy idea has been floating through my head this last week…  Can I run Chicago AND the Marine Corps Marathon?

Is that too ambitious of me?  Am I just setting myself up for failure?  For injury?  For heartbreak?

I want to run the MCM, but to be honest, I don’t know if after training for Chicago I’ll ever do a marathon again.  I have friends who ran their first one, and now have goals of “one marathon a month” and others who ran it once, checked that box and have no interest in doing it again.

I don’t know where I will fall.  I know I will hate it.  And I know that crossing the finish line I’ll promise myself to never run one again.  But I also know I make myself that promise after every race.  And I break that promise within days by signing up for something else.

But this is not a half marathon, this is a full.  I don’t know if my body can go there.  I’m still dealing with a throbbing toe joint and don’t know if it’ll be going away or getting worse.

But then, my (crazy, it must be) brain tells me “well, you’re going to be trained already…” and I can’t help but think it’s true.  I’ll be running the Chicago Marathon on October 10th, and the Marine Corps Marathon is only 3 weeks later.  Just enough time for taper, no?

I’m already going to be fully trained…

Why wouldn’t I run the MCM three weeks later?


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4 responses to “Chicago and MCM?

  1. Skip MCM! I have done both; Chicago (3 times, loved them all a great race) and MCM (done it once, hated it). The MCM course is nice but the race is very poorly run with the finish area being a nightmare.

  2. I’ve done the MCM 10k, and both times hung out at the finish line to see my friends finishing the Marathon — and you’re right, the finish line of the MCM is absolutely a nightmare!

    I’m not so excited about the course though — I see bits of it everyday!

  3. I would be tempted too, but it is a tough decision because they are so close. The second one would probably be a lot slower. Could you do MCM next year?

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