Run Home: Success!

Yesterday, despite the weather prediction of rain and wind, the rain spared us, so Hugi and I finally made our way out and ran from work to home.

Well, I cheated, since Karl was meeting his friend in Crystal City, so I ran there instead of going ALL the way home.

The run was a big success!  I was nervous about it, not sure why, but the run went by quickly, we were keeping VERY good pace, we ended up smack in the middle of the Tidal Basin, so the route was definitely scenic.  I loved it!

The Garmin though?  Was a BIG fail.  I didn’t get a signal until 11 minutes in (the thing kept asking “Are you indoors?”  NO!!!  “Have you moved more than 100 miles since your last run?”  NO!!!!  “Is today March 30, 2010?”  YES!!!).  It was horrible.  And for some reason, when I finally got a signal, I must have inadvertently stopped it, so it claimed I ran 11 minutes, no miles.  ARGH!

The worst part is that I was feeling good!  Every time I looked at my pace it was less than an 11 min/mile, which for me is fast.  But I don’t know what it all added up to, because I didn’t have a track of the mileage or the time.

We hope to run home again next Monday.  Yay!

Tonight I have another run on the Mt. Vernon Trail with my running group.  Let’s see how that goes…

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