Sunday Run!

I missed my usual Saturday run, as Karl and I were taking engagement pictures in DC (I can’t wait to get them!).

So Sunday I met up with Sherry from the running group for a quick hour-long run.  We met by the Pentagon parking lot in Pentagon City, and tried out a new route!  We started at a trail that runs parallel to Washington Blvd, into DC.  You basically start running by the Pentagon Memorial, and that trail joins the Mt. Vernon Trail into Memorial Bridge.  Once we got to DC, we ran along side the Potomac for a bit, before it was time to turn around and make our way back to our cars.

It was such a good run!  The weather was on the high 70’s, but it didn’t feel too hot, I was feeling great throughout the whole thing, just enjoying the run.  I thought this route was going to be boring, but I really liked the change of scenery.  This will be my commute to work by bike (I really have to suck it up and just restart biking to work again), and the trail was a tad narrow compared to the Mt. Vernon, but I’m hoping is not as busy.

After the run, I met up with Karl at the gym for a quick weight training session, then got ready to stuff my face for Easter lunch at my sisters.  So much for wanting to lose weight before the wedding…  I ate like a pig all weekend…


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4 responses to “Sunday Run!

  1. I was going to suggest that trail by the Pentagon in one of my previous comments, but I figured that you knew about it! I ride that way sometimes when I want to bypass Gravelly Point. It is a bit narrower, but MUCH less crowded. I hope it works out for riding to work that way!

    • Tyler, I had no idea that trail was there, but someone suggested to me, but I didn’t know how to find it! I ran it on my way home yesterday, and only saw another bike out there, so MUCH better than crowded Mt. Vernon trail.

      Now if only I can get over my fear of riding uphill on Columbia Pike home…

  2. I can’t wait to see the photos! 🙂

    Are there links online to those trails? I am going to be in DC next month and would love to check them out!

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