Skirt Sports Review

I’m tired of my spandex shorts for running, but with the thunder thighs I have, I can’t really pull off wearing those cute Nike running shorts that everyone else wears either.

I finally decided to give running skirts a try, at the very least, my race pictures would be a bit more attractive, right?

Some of my friends swear by running skirts, but after buying one from Target last year, I haven’t been crazy about them.  The Champion one had a 1″ inseam, definitely not enough to keep my thighs contained!  I know friends that buy these skirts but wear them with shorts underneath, but for me that just defeats the purpose!  I definitely don’t want to add an additional layer of clothing when it’s hot out!

So I went online, and after a bit of research, bought skirts from three different websites.  As I wear them, I’ll post the review for each here.

The first one I tried out was the “Gym Girl Ultra” from  They have shorts underneath instead of panties, have a fairly flattering length, and a slit on the sides.

The skirt arrived last week, and I tried it on at home and loved it.  The waistband is low and wide, so there’s nothing tugging on me on the side giving me a “muffin top” look.  The shorts are long and have small pockets on each leg, perfect for storing keys, Gu, cellphone, or a small ipod (like my nano).  The back of the skirt also has a hole for headphones, so you can put your ipod in the pocket, and have the wire behind you.  I don’t usually run with music, but this is a nifty feature for those who do!

(Image taken from

(Image taken from

I wore it for my hour-long run on Sunday, and not once I had to tug down my shorts — they stayed completely put.  The waistband also didn’t move, so I didn’t have to tug on it either.

The weather was warm, but the skirt also kept me cool.  I put my car remote opener thingy on the pocket, and I didn’t even noticed it was there — at first I kept checking to make sure it had not fallen out, but it stayed put throughout the whole run.

The skirt is also very cute!  The slits on the side, where the shorts peek through, makes it a very flattering design!  (The side stripe didn’t hurt either!) For once I looked cute while running!

They don’t have many color options at their site.  Right now there’s an “endless summer” print version, black, white, pink, teal and black with white stripe on the side.  In a way, that’s a good thing.  Because I totally know if there was a bigger variety, they would ALL be making their way into my closet…  These running skirts are far from cheap, retailing now at $60 each (ouch!), but it is definitely worth it, since they’re cute, comfortable, and practical!

Have you tried running skirts?  What do you think of them?

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20 responses to “Skirt Sports Review

  1. Sarah

    although my first love is nike tempo shorts, i do like running skirts too. they’re just more fun to wear. if you get a good fitting one, you’re golden.

  2. ha, i know what you mean about these bad boys. i have one. i dont wear it on long runs because the shorts hike up. i got it at marshalls for like, $12.99.

  3. Sarah, I can’t pull off those tempo shorts — it would shock the nation! Or make me cringe even more at my running photos…

    Brooke,$12.99? Damn. I don’t even want to know these things… The shorts held up for my hour-long run, so hoping to wear the skirt at the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler this weekend. They better stay put!

  4. I’ve never worn a running skirt, but I do love the 2-in-1 shorts that I just got. They have compression shorts underneath and “regular” shorts on top. All of the benefits of compression shorts, none of the unsightly bulges!

    I just might have to get a running skirt for my next race!

  5. I have not tried them, but also have thunder thighs, so it sounds like I should try this one. Can’t wait to read the other two reviews!

    • I hope to try out the other brand I got on my run tomorrow, so I can write another review. If you also have thunder thighs though, I totally recommend the skirtsports one!

  6. Mb

    Thanks for the review. I’m trying to warm up to the idea of purchasing my first running skirt. This will be helpful in making the decision.

  7. Jenn

    I *love* SkirtSports running skirts! They are the *best*!!! Comfy, cool, & CUTE! 🙂

  8. Katie

    I just recently purchased the Sweetest Thing Capris and I love them! I know Skirtsports have replaced them with the Lotta Breeze Capris. I don’t need anything cutting into my thunder thighs and these fit the bill perfectly. Super soft and lightweight. I just wish they were not so expensive! 🙂

    • I don’t like as much the skirts/capri combo, but have a few friends that love them!

      They really are a fortune… Wish I was one of those big bloggers that got freebie stuff to review. No such luck!

  9. Beki

    I have been a FAITHFUL SkirtSports fan since I first discovered them about a year ago!!! FAR too much of my money has gone to them and I don’t regret a single penny! I’ve tried other brands but always go back to my SkirtSports 😉 I even did my first half marathon last month in their “SexyBack” dress with the “spankies” I prefer the “panty-style” to the compression shorts and with a little BodyGlide, my chub-rub is fine!

    Aside from being RIDICULOUSLY cute, I prefer the skirt because I never have to worry about my thighs sucking in the skirt like I do with shorts!

    • I’m hesitant to try out the panty-style type of skirts — too little coverage, plus the top of my thighs definitely rub (even back on my skinny days — those were the days… — they used to rub).

      You do make a good point though — nothing to ride up, if you’re not wearing any shorts… I bet it’s a lot more comfortable in the summer time too!

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