Our engagement pictures!

Obviously, a non-running post…

So I mentioned how on Saturday my friend Nikki took engagement pictures of us.  She knew I’d die if she makes me wait 3 weeks for ALL the pictures, so she gave me a bit of a preview on Facebook, yay!  (And by a bit, I mean a bit.  I now can see 4 pictures out of the 500 pictures she took!  Can’t wait to have them all!)

She wanted to take pictures of us running, but we outright refused, seeing we always look constipated or something in our pictures.  So they were all cute and warm and fuzzy instead, nothing sporty for us.

Here are the four she has shared with me so far:

At the bridge right next to the Arlington Memorial Bridge

Is it bad that I have no idea what that bridge is called?  I even looked at Google maps, but no luck!

Sitting at the Watergate Steps, next to the Memorial Bridge

No idea what I’m laughing at.  Likely something stupid.

On top of the Watergate Steps, the Lincoln Memorial in the background

Yes, you can almost see up my butt.

And now my favorite picture of us, ever:

By the reflecting pool, Washington Monument on the back

An hour later, this place was mobbed with tourists!  If you ever want to take nice pictures in DC, go there when the sun is rising.


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13 responses to “Our engagement pictures!

  1. they came out GREAT!!! love them all!

  2. Wow those are gorgeous pictures! I love the one with the sunset and the monument!

  3. Those are GORGEOUS!! 🙂

  4. I absolutely LOVE the pics! Especially the one of you laughing. You have a great smile!

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  7. Hiva

    I love the pic of you guys with the reflecting pool. I’m glad there was still water in it because when we left DC, the water was drained so it just looks like mud and trash in there.

    • I remember that! I think it was under construction for much of the winter. My runs there were super boring with all the fencing around it (and the mud instead of a pool!). The pool was good until about November, and they drained right after that (for maintenance, maybe?)

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