Atalanta Running Skirts Review

I really really really wanted to like these skirts, from Atalanta Athleticwear.  They are incredibly comfortable, and the color combination they offer are adorable.

When I first bought them, I went by the sizing chart online.  By their chart, my hips are a size V, but my waist is a size III (a constant issue I have with clothing!), so I decided to compromise and go with the IV.  Turns out, the IV fit fine but the skirt has a 1″ elastic band on top, which meant MAJOR muffin top look.  I contacted the company, got a reply within minutes from Heather, the company’s owner, and she sent me the exchange for a bigger size before she had received my return back.

Their costumer service?  Absolutely incredible.  Plus, I placed the order one day, and three days later I had the skirts on my doorstep, even though they are shipped from California.

I tried Atalanta’s “Commitment skirt” which is the one with the compression shorts underneath.  Even with the bigger size, the elastic still cut across my stomach to give me a muffin top look, just not as drastic as the smaller size one, so I could still wear it with looser shirts.  The skirt was incredibly comfortable though, and it’s not like I could feel there was an elastic on my waist.

The skirt comes with two very generous mesh pockets that rests on your lower back, right where a running/water belt would fit, so in a spot that you can overload with Gu’s and the like, and you won’t notice during the run.  It is by far the biggest pockets from all the skirts I got.

As I mentioned, the color combination of these skirts are great.  The skirts have a different color than the inner shorts, on purpose, so when the shorts peek through it actually looks like a fashion statement.

I got the carbon/orange and the blue/gold.  They both looked CUTE.  You can see how the shorts and pockets work on the pictures below:

Yesterday, I finally took them out to a spin for my 50 minute run.  Since we got our first 90+ degree weather in DC (WTF?  It was in the 30’s just two weeks ago!), I also put my 10 oz water bottle from my Nathan water belt in it.  It fit perfectly fine, it didn’t overstretch the skirt, and I couldn’t even feel it, at least while I was walking around.  I jumped a few times to make sure it wouldn’t fall out or bounce, and the water bottle stayed put.

That is, until I started running.  The bottle?  BOUNCED.  It kept hitting my back driving me crazy.  After 5 minutes I gave up, and just carried the bottle for the rest of the run.  It looks like the pockets would work fine if there’s nothing peeking from the top (my water bottle fits just like in the picture above), so it should work fine with Gu’s, ipods, etc.

Now the other issue I had with this skirt, that I certainly wasn’t ready for…  The shorts rode up a bit, but once I stopped tugging on them they found their happy place and stayed put for the rest of the run (with still plenty of coverage of my thighs).  But the skirt itself?  The skirt was riding up!!!  Within two minutes of running, the skirt had settled on the front of my hips, right under my crotch and I was out flashing my orange shorts on the trail (thank god I bought a skirt with shorts instead of panties, no?).  I kept tugging on it, but it wouldn’t even stay put for a couple of strides, so I just gave up and showed my shorts to the world after that.

So much for looking cute during my run 😦

The skirt is definitely tighter around the hips than the other ones I tried, it is not as “flowy” as the other running skirts I see, which is probably why it rode up.  If I lose some weight, it might work for me, but then the shorts might be too loose at that point.

I’m very disappointed in these.  I wanted to LOVE them, since they look so freaking cute and are SO comfortable on, but no luck.

Apparently Atalanta Athleticwear is closing its doors and selling out their stock (Heather, the owner, said she might continue making the commitment skirt since it’s so popular, but she runs the company by herself and it has just been too much for her).  I found that out right after placing my first order, so I jumped the gun and bought two more skirts.  Now I have four of their skirts that just won’t work for me.  (Anyone loves them and wants to buy the three unused ones from me?)

The skirts are the “cheapest” running skirt out there, price-wise, since it retails at $54.  The quality however is spectacular, which is why I am so disappointed it didn’t work how I expected.  Have you tried them?  Did you have a different experience than me?

I still have two other brands to review, and hope to try the ones during the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler on Sunday.  I’ll keep you posted…

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7 responses to “Atalanta Running Skirts Review

  1. Andrew

    Hi, I’m actually looking to try and get a size V Commitment for my girlfriend as a gift but Heather has said its unlikely she’ll continue to make the Commitment so I’m out hunting to try and find one so I’m hopeful that you still want to sell the unused ones? If you do please email me at

    Even if you only want to part with one I would be REALLY grateful!

  2. kim

    I am totally interested in a size V commitment skirt. I haven’t tried one and now I can’t buy one. 😦 Do you still have any? Thanks!

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