Runs this week + Cherry Blossom on Sunday!

On Monday, I ran home from work again with Hugi.  After such a great run on Sunday, I was looking forward to this run!

Monday, was not a good day for it…  We ran the same route I took on Sunday, from work to the Pentagon.  I was going a bit faster than my normal pace, but I was feeling ok.  That is, until the first mile beeped.  It was all downhill from there.  I struggled with the heat, with keeping up, I could barely hold a conversation even though we had considerably slowed down.  Karl met up with us near the Pentagon, since I was running with him the rest of the way home (couldn’t have asked for a better husband-to-be!).

When we got to the Pentagon and parted ways with Hugi, after less than 3 miles in, I admitted defeat and asked Karl to walk with me the rest of the way home.  This was the kind of run that makes you wish you would never have to run again.

The good news?  Home is only about 4 miles from work by taking the trails.  We went spinning (for the first time!) on Wednesday morning and I couldn’t find my bike shoes for the life of me.  Once I locate them, I’m going to finally get my bike ready and go back to biking to work!  I can’t wait!!

Wednesday, was my usual weekday run with the running group.  I was so not looking forward to running after the fiasco on Monday.  Plus, my right hip has been hurting since, the same pain I was having around September last year.  I knew I should be resting so I would not be in pain for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler this Sunday, but I also knew that it was going to affect me if I didn’t run at all on Wednesday, so I sucked it up, and off I went.

Wednesday was the hottest day this year so far.  93 degrees!!!  In April!!  The humidity was low, so that helped a bit.  I took a small water bottle with me, which was perfect for the 50 minute run, and ran the whole way with Sherry.  It was a great run again, like on Sunday.  I was enjoying the run, I was having a really good time.  Sherry, not so much, the heat was affecting her a lot more than me, but I didn’t want to say it out loud, because I know I’d be jinxing myself.

It was just the burst of confidence I needed for the race on Sunday.  Though my hip still hurts today, I have no doubt that I can run fine on Sunday.  The temperature is going to be a high of 73 degrees, hovering around 50’s and 60’s in the morning.  Perfect!

Are you running the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler?  I’ll be volunteering at the expo on Saturday morning (guaranteed registration next year, woohoo!), and if you’re there, you can find me and Karl at the information desk.  We’re going to have a busy Saturday, from the expo to Vienna for a wedding band trunk show, then a friend’s party at Cafe Asia later, but I’m looking forward to the race on Sunday!

The bad news?  I heard there are no blossoms left!  This heat came too quick and too soon…  I’m planning on bringing my camera with me anyway, but there won’t be any pretty things to take pictures of.  That Hains Point loop will be a looooong boring stretch.


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3 responses to “Runs this week + Cherry Blossom on Sunday!

  1. I’m so excited for the race this weekend, but yea I wouldn’t be surprised if all the blossoms were gone with the heat we’ve been having. That will make Hains Point verrrrry long.

    • I’m excited for the race too! A friend of mine went to the Mall this weekend for pictures and posted on Facebook that the blossoms are ALL gone. 😦

      Hains Point WILL be long… There’s never anyone cheering there (last year, they even ran out of water! And the volunteer had the nerve to tell me “next time, run faster if you want water”), and it’s in the very last few miles, but at least it’s flat…

  2. Hi–Just found your blog. I live up 95 from you in Howard County and am running CB this Sunday. Looking forward to it! Not picking up my packet until Sun. morning (I hope this isn’t a mistake) so can’t swing by, but I’ll check you blog on Monday for your race report. Good luck!

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