A break from running

With all the weird aches and pains I’ve been getting lately, I decided to take a (very short) break from running.

My right foot still hurt, then my right hip started to hurt (I can still feel it today, even though my last run was on Sunday), and then my right knee started hurting (never had knee pain before!) during the last 5 miles of the Cherry Blossom.  See a trend?  Seems like because of one thing, my body somewhat compensated, now I’m all sorts of screwed up.

Karl and I are going to an “engaged encounter” this weekend (to apparently cry and talk about our feelings — ah, the joys of getting married in a Catholic church!), so there was no running planned for this weekend anyway.

I really want to get myself used to the Vibram Five Fingers, since they’re supposed to help with all these issues, but with my next half  marathon a month and a half away, I can’t really just ease myself into anything.

So next week, I’ll be playing it by ear…  If there’s no pain, I’m going out for short (and I mean really short) runs with the Five Fingers.  How short?  Maybe an as-fast-as-I-can-run mile (maybe I can try to keep up with Karl for a mile?), or a fast two miler.  Then I’ll see if I’m ready for my long run on Saturday.  If not, I’ll also do something short, until I get back into the full swing of things, back to training the following week.

I have so much free time now that I’m not running.  I don’t know what to do with myself!


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4 responses to “A break from running

  1. Ohhh Engaged Encounter….bahaha!

    Ours wasn’t tooooo bad. The people watching was super fabulous {seriously, some people shoud NOT be getting married!}, the priest talking to us about sex was hysterical {how would he know about the urges a married man feels??}, and we actually got to talk about a lot of things.

    I didn’t really feel like it was remotely helpful, because we had talked over everything before, but it was nice to kind of get away from life for a weekend and focus on each other.

    If they hadn’t stuck us with gross roommates and made us go to confession TOGETHER {hello, awkward}, it wouldn’t have been half bad! 🙂

    Hope your aches and pains go away!

    • Now I’m looking forward to the people watching! It’s one of my favorite activities 🙂

      Karl seems to be totally scared about it, but I’m not as much, because as you said, we have talked about everything before.

      I hope I don’t have gross roommates… And we have to go to confession? Ugh.

  2. how’s your hip and foot? i hope better!

    • I haven’t felt the foot in a while, but the hip still hurts when I walk, even though I haven’t run in a week and a half 😦 Going to a chiropractor tomorrow, just in case is an alignment issue (that was Karl’s guess), then if that doesn’t work, I might just go “screw it” and get back to running next week.

      I miss it!

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