Wednesday Run: FAIL

We were supposed to go out on the Mt. Vernon Trail for 60 minutes.  I hadn’t been running in 2.5 weeks, so I had low expectations.  Sherry, who’s just getting back to it after taking the winter off and is also training for Zooma, tagged along with my slow self.

Yep, I was even slower than usual — it didn’t help that I felt my hip during the first 5 minutes.  Then, I could tell I had a blister on my foot.  And after we turned around on our way back I started getting chills, with goosebumps and was feeling lightheaded.  Somethings are not worth pushing through…  I was incredibly thirsty so I might have been dehydrated, even if the 60 degree temperature was perfect for running.  So I stopped and walked.  For about 5 minutes, I walked.  FAIL.

Of course, I picked it back up again, once I no longer felt any tingling on my scalp (WTF is that all about anyway?), and finished the 5 miles on time.  My hamstrings were tight, my hip and foot were both hurting, even my knee was bothering me and the blister was bugging me.  I felt horrible.  No runners high for me.

I got home, took my shoes off, and the outside of my right foot is shooting a sharp pain every time my foot touches the ground.  It’s still like that today.  Can I take care of one injury first before I get a new one?

The blister on my left foot, turned out to be a pretty big blood blister — I felt a bid badass by running through that, even if it was gross to look at it.

My guess?  I was tired, and with the hip pain I probably had terrible form, which caused all sorts of other problems.  Even the blister was on a spot in my foot that I NEVER get a blister on (usually on the few occasions I get a blister, it tends to be on the bottom of my pinky toe).

Ok, enough bitching about my run!  I’m still scheduled to run on Saturday, and supposed to be out there for an hour and forty minutes.  Let’s see how that’s going to go…  I’m fully prepared to only run an hour if my body is just not cooperating.

On the bright side?  I tried another brand of running skirts, and though it wasn’t as good as the Skirts Sports one, I still liked it!  I have to post two more running skirts reviews soon…


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4 responses to “Wednesday Run: FAIL

  1. What an AWFUL run! There is no other word to describe it. I hope Saturday is better!

  2. gosh, that’s just such a blow. i know that would piss me off too. ESPECIALLY since your mind is in the right place, you’re ready for the run, yet your body is thinking otherwise. take these next couple of days to get some good r&r, and go into this weekend with a good outlook. i have a good feeling that it’s going to turn around!

    • I hope you’re right! I’m now terrified that I’m going to have a bad injury and not be able to run the half marathon in June or *gasp* the Chicago marathon!

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