Running Skirts Review

Just like the Atalanta running skirts, I really really really wanted to like the skirts from  They have the CUTEST prints and the biggest variety of colors.

I mean, where else can you get a cheetah print skirt?

The reviews online were also great!  Of course, I should know better than to wear a new outfit for the first time during a race, but the skirt was so cute, that I decided to have its big inauguration on the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler race.

Cute, right?

Running Skirts has two different type of skirts.  The “running skirt” which has just a mesh brief, and the “athletic skirt” with compression shorts underneath.  Well, my thunder thighs cannot pull off the mesh brief skirt unless I want to deal with chafing (really, even back when I was skinny, I had big thighs), so of course I got the athletic skirt in polka dot, and the purple plaid above.  It looked so cute on, that before even trying it out on a run, I placed another order for the cheetah one!


I tried it on at home, and it was great!  The skirt has a pocket on each side (that has a small velcro closure — not sure how secure it is for things like keys, since there are gaps around it, but ID’s and Gu’s would be secure).  Putting stuff on the pockets make the skirts a bit unflattering though, since it bunches out on your hips.  Also, reviews online mentioned how it weighs the skirt down.  I didn’t use the pockets, so cannot comment on that.

Unfortunately, once I left my apartment on my way to the race, the skirt functionality stopped matching its looks.  The shorts rode up right away.  Not just an inch or two — I had 5″ worth of shorts bunched up against my crotch.  I kept adjusting it (yep, I was that girl reaching up for my crotch in the metro), and was hoping once the race started and I was sweating, the shorts would stay put.  No such luck.

The skirt was a huge hit with runners around me — at least a dozen people commented on my skirt.   But I ended the race annoyed from many attempts at pulling the shorts down, only to have them roll up within seconds, and with badly chafed thighs.

That same day, I emailed the company to inquire about my recent order (the cheetah skirt) and ask whether I could change it to the running skirt one (at least I wouldn’t have to deal with sausage casing it caused — I figured I can always wear my own shorts underneath), or if they would recommend anything else.  It’s been18 days and they have yet to reply to me.  Two days later they shipped the cheetah skirt, which was super cute on, but unfortunately had a pencil eraser-sized hole at the band on the back.  So, despite my hopes that they were of decent quality, sending me a defected item (that cost almost 70 bucks!), shattered all those dreams.  And cute or not, the skirt is not worth it.

So how much do the Running Skirts cost?  They’re the most expensive by far:  the running skirts range from $48-$58 (the highest price for the non-solid print skirts), and the athletic skirts range from $58-$68.  Yes, I paid $68 for a skirt with shorts that rode up my crotch for ten miles, and for another one that was sent to me with a defect.

And though I can’t return the used one, and I like the polka dot one quite a bit that I will attempt to wear it with my own shorts, I am returning the defected cheetah one, referencing the hole on the back, and the fact that my email was unanswered (and the coupon I had used, which they claim to “refund you after paypal checkout” was not applied at all, with no explanation given — remember, they don’t answer their emails).

Running Skirts might work for you, if you get the mesh brief type (I do recommend that you do a throughout inspection of your skirt upon receipt, however, to make sure there are not any defects).  As I haven’t tried that one, I don’t know if the mesh brief stays in place if you have some junk in the trunk, or if it becomes a horrendous wedgie.  (The owners, two runner twin sisters, are ridiculously skinny, so it might work if you have that body type.)

If you want the coverage the shorts provide, I definitely do not recommend them.  Save your money and buy from instead — not NEARLY as cute, but they do the job.  And when you’re running for miles on end, that’s what really matters anyway.

My other skirts reviews:

Skirt Sports (my favorite by far!)


And I gave my runningskirts another chance 1.5 years later…  FAIL again.


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17 responses to “Running Skirts Review

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  3. Hello I wanted to stop by and complimetn you on your blog and thanks for posting this fine skirt review. I’d like to offer you one of our skights to review. Please contact me or view our products at Thanks 🙂

    iRun Athletic Wear LLC

  4. jilly

    I want to say that i had the same experience with the older athletic skirts(pre fall 2010. i have a plaid, cheetah, and another solid colored one from a year ago). i ended up sewing gripper elastic in the leg holes eventually because they wouldn’t stay put after 5 steps of walking let alone running. BUT, the new skirts are much improved. the new athletic skirts have longer tighter compression shorts made from a slightly less stretchy fabric so they actually do stay put. EVERYTHING rides up on me, even things that are guaranteed not to ride up, but the new athletic skirts do not. they are pretty bad at getting back to you about returns and exchanges, i’ve had the same experience. if you were willing to give them a 2nd chance, i think you’d like the new skirts.

    • Honestly, the email I sent to them with questions STILL hasn’t been replied to, over a year later. I refuse to give any more of my money (and they are EXPENSIVE) to a company that cares so little about their customers.

      I’ve been using Skirts Sports for a year, and they’re the only thing I’ve found that doesn’t ride up — and the quality is superb, well beyond the one for Running Skirts! So sticking with them, as they have earned my money 🙂

  5. jenny

    I have seen similiar reviews of items, so with that info I ended up ordering from Skirtsports, where the reviews were better about the legs bunching up. I should get the skirt Tuesday and will try it out before my race on Saturday.

  6. Megan

    I agree with your assessment. They may work for the super skinny, but they don’t seem to be made for anyone with a butt. I’m not a big person, size 4, but wow these skirts are soooo tight in the butt and then flare out at the bottom really oddly. I’m sorry I wasted so much money on one. They look good on the twins that run the company, but hello, they’re tiny, so anything would look good on them. Others should not be fooled! I’ll check out that other company you recommend.

    • Definitely try Skirts Sports — I love it, and don’t run in any other skirt. And you’re right, Running Skirts are only good if you’re a twig. But if you are, you probably don’t need to have the compression shorts anyway…

  7. Rhonda

    Hey gang,
    I bought a running Capri and love it since it reaches my mid calf there are no ride up issues either with the legs or the skirt. I would recommend maybe running skirt for your Fall runs?? Stick w/ skirt sports for Summer. Then you can be cute and comfy 🙂

    • I have no problems just wearing capris in the winter — and have some that I love! Because the customer service from runningskirts was SO bad (they gave me a refund, but charged me shipping — even though I was returning a defected item, and my email to this date never had a reply), I’m not giving any of my money to them, ever again.

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  9. Running in Mommyland

    Thanks for the review. I’m training for my first marathon and wanted to try out their skirts. I might wait until they have a big sale. They are kind of pricey, aren’t they!

  10. nikki

    I goggled reviews for them and you were the 3rd link that popped up in my google search. I should have asked you before I ordered from them, but it was an impulse by after getting a 50% green items email, so I thought I’d try one at 50% off, but ended up ordering a capri skirt while I was there too.

    It’s been 6 days now, and my order is still “processing”. They haven’t shipped it, and they are NOT responding to my email or phone messages. worst customer service ever.

    • That’s what bugged me the most, the sucky customer service. I mean, it’s been what, 2 years since I sent them an email with questions and they STILL have not replied? Plus they refunded my return minus the shipping even though one had a defect, and I clearly wrote about it on the return? Never again. Even if their products improved as some claim, why would I want to give my money to a company that doesn’t give a crap about its customers?

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