Saturday Run

After my fiasco of a run on Wednesday, I was NOT looking forward to running on Saturday.

After a chilly week, the weather turned around on us and Saturday was meant to be 90 degrees and humid.  Oh, fun.

I changed our usual 9:30am run time to 8:30, and loaded up with the usual summer gear on our way out.  Ugh.  You’d think that running in the winter is when you need to carry stuff, but not so much.  I had to re-inaugurate the water belt, wear a visor, put on sunscreen before heading out…  Only to get outside and realize I forgot my sunglasses!

About 10 people came out to run with us and since Sherry runs my pace, I ran with her and Karl did his own thing.

I felt the hip hurt a bit towards the first mile, but it went away after that.  Also, the foot and knee that were painful on Wednesday didn’t bother me at all this time (yay!).  But I can’t lie and say it was a good run.  It was tough.  My pace was considerably slower than it has been lately, since it was just too muggy.  I brought two water bottles with me since I didn’t want to use all four on my first time out with the belt, but that wasn’t enough.

Both Sherry and I were struggling.  We started the run from Pentagon City, crossed Memorial Bridge and hopped on the trail right next to the Potomac, passing the Kennedy Center and the Georgetown Waterfront, turning around just short of the start of the Capital Crescent Trail.  It was a pretty run, mostly flat, but it was hard.

Many times I wanted to give up and walk, specially on the way back when we were passing the Lincoln volleyball courts going slightly uphill.  But I kept my mouth shut, and promised myself “just a little bit more.”  First I was having a hard time completing the first hour, but reminded myself that I had run an hour on Wednesday, so at least make it to the hour.  Then, once we hit 60 minutes, I told myself, just another 15 minutes, and then you can walk.  But by that time we only had 15 minutes left on our run, so I sucked it up.

While the two of us were chatting for the first hour, we were both pretty quiet on the last half hour of the run.  When I told Sherry how many times I wanted to walk, she admitted she totally wanted to give up at those points too!  Sometimes it’s good to keep your mouth shut!  Had any of us said it out loud, we would have both given up.

But honestly?  What kept me going wasn’t so much me saying “just another 15 minutes” but more of me thinking “crap, if I stop and walk now, it’ll take a lot longer for this run to end” — there’s something to be said about out and back routes!

I forgot how much the heat can affect a run, and how much it affects my pace (and how much I sweat when it’s hot outside – ew!).  We ran just short of 7.5 miles, in 90 minutes…  And here you thought I couldn’t get any slower!

I was a bit sore the rest of the weekend (my muscles were stiff!), but surprisingly I had no hip pain at all!  We spent Sunday in Baltimore walking around, visiting the National Aquarium (so pretty!) and then catching a Orioles vs Red Sox game (lots of fun!).  It was such a good weekend overall!

Today?  I’m trying that run commute thing again.  Hugi forgot to bring her running clothes, so I’ll be on my own for most of it.  Karl is going to park in Pentagon City and run my way, so we can run together the rest of the way.

Have I mentioned how awesome he is?  I really couldn’t have asked for a more supportive boyfriend.  Oh, oops, fiance.  (That word still weirds me out.  It makes me sound so snooty!)


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2 responses to “Saturday Run

  1. aww, say fiance! you’re not snooty, you’re cute!

    what kind of water belt do you use? im looking for one but they’re all so big and bulky. and it was HOT here last weekend. 80’s and muuuugggggy. yuck.

    GO SOX! 😉

    • Sox totally lost on that game, sorry! It was a very good game though!

      I use this belt:

      It’s bulky, but all of them are… It bounces at first, but then you find the “right” spot and it stays put. I also like how it has two pockets for storage, so there’s enough space for Gu’s.

      A lot of people here in DC use the FuelBelt, probably because that’s all the local running stores sell, but not only they are uglier, but their bottles are only 8oz, instead of 10. On those hot long runs, that extra 8oz of water you get from having four 10oz bottles makes a huge difference.

      I love my camelback for biking, but haven’t found one for running yet. If you find a camelback that doesn’t bother you, I’d suggest you get that, since its insulated. Though I freeze my water overnight, within forty minutes I’m sipping hot water on my runs. Yuck.

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