The Wedding

I’m dying to share my wedding planning and details — it’s amazing what wedding planning does to a girl.  I’m obsessed with bridal magazines, wedding blogs and the likes.

A while ago, I joined the “Bridal Bloggettes” team, but the site didn’t really do anything — the other girls who were part of it left and stopped posting, the main administrator disappeared from the face of the earth, so no changes have been made to the site to show that these people are no longer blogging, and in the midst of all of that, people just stopped reading.

I also thought about reviving my old blog, and sharing details there — but that’s a blog that started to talk about my dating life and give many rants about life.  I was mostly anonymous until a few months ago that I just stopped caring.  But it just doesn’t seem the right venue.

Starting yet another blog just to talk about my wedding woes seems too time consuming.  And then I thought…  Maybe I can share those details here?

But would that just alienate the few readers I have?  Would you guys be AT ALL interested in reading on running AND wedding?  (At least for the next few months.)

Opinions please!  I know that when I was not engaged, other peoples wedding stuff used to bore me to tears.  I definitely don’t want to do that here!   Said that, I can easily name the posts “wedding” and you can just skip over that one if you don’t give a hoot.  I’d love to hear what the readers I have think!


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8 responses to “The Wedding

  1. id love to read about the wedding stuff! maybe tag it as wedding is a good idea… that way if people aren’t too into it, they can do a skip!

  2. I’d enjoy reading it! 🙂

  3. OH MY GOSH POST IT RIGHT NOW!!! I love reading that sort of thing. And I love seeing variety on blogs!

  4. I’m not engaged but I love hearing about people’s weddings so feel free to share!

  5. Running and weddings! Count me in!

  6. Awesome guys, it’ll be a running and wedding blog for the time being 🙂

  7. Well, I’m late to this party, however, you know how I feel! I wasn’t interested in weddings at all either until my own minimalist one came on my radar. I tried to buy a dress off the rack at BCBG. Now? I’m a psycho for dress sites….as you know….

    • Even though I’m totally in love with my new dress, I STILL look at dress sites. Just because they’re so many options out there! As expensive as these dresses are, I really wish we had one reason a year to wear one. Not the same one you got married in, but a totally new one each time. Like in anniversaries and stuff. Or just because it’s Saturday night.

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