Wedding Talk: Doubts on my dress

A couple of months ago, on the spur of the moment, I went over to David’s Bridal with my friend (and maid of honor), Nanubia, to try on wedding dresses.  I tried one that I liked, it was marked down considerably, I had a coupon, and was able to score a $1,050 dress for $574.  I couldn’t resist the deal and ponied up the credit card.

Though there were no tears or a “this is the one!” feeling, I knew I wouldn’t find anything else that I liked for this price.

I really wanted a lace dress, but left the store having just paid for a brocade dress.  The dress?  Beautiful.  I was giddy with excitement (I love a good deal!).


Fast forward to about a month later, and I started having doubts.  By now, I was no longer an engaged “newbie” and had read my share of wedding blogs, forums, magazines (I’m telling you, I’m obsessed!).  Not getting the lace dress I wanted started to bug me.  The more I thought about it, the more I thought I made a bad decision…

Last Thursday I picked up my dress, and was hoping it would end any doubts I had.  Not so much.  It seems that I lost some weight from my boobs/stomach since first trying it on, and now the dress is falling off.  I knew it had to be altered (it was already loose at the waist when I first bought it), but when you can’t keep it up, it’s so hard to know how it would really look like after proper adjustment.  It was also heavy, and I started sweating in my AC’d apartment.  I’m getting married during the summer, in Rio.  Sweat stains on my dress will not look pretty…

I’m having dreams about the freaking dress for god’s sake!

So yesterday I decided “eff it!” and made an appointment at a local bridal shop to try on the dress I’ve been eying.  Deep down, I want it to look horrible, so I don’t spend any more money, and just stick with what I have.  But I have a feeling it’ll look perfect.

This, but with a white sash...

I can get the dress online for a little over $900.  Ouch.  And it’ll likely need alterations (based on the measurements, my waist is too sizes smaller than my hips.  Fun, fun.).

I got into this wedding dress shopping thing thinking “why spend money on a dress you’ll only wear it once?” to thinking “I’ll only wear a wedding dress ONCE in my life (knock on wood!).  I’ll never get a chance to wear it again!  It better be one that is just perfect!”

Karl said that if $900 is what it takes to give me piece of mind for the next 7 months, it’s worth it.  He might be right.


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13 responses to “Wedding Talk: Doubts on my dress

  1. Naomi

    I’m probably not helping the cause but the second dress is beautiful! Maybe you can try re-selling the first dress to help with the cost and then the second would only cost $400. At least that’s how I justify things in my mind ^_~

    • I thought the same way — if I sell the first dress, even if I’m losing some money, at least I won’t be spending the total price of both dresses in one go!

  2. megabrooke

    i think there really is something to be said for FEELING like the dress you’re in is perfect. yes, it’s one day, and while i do believe that i don’t want to shell out thousands for my dress one day, it’s ONE day that’s like, one of the best days of your life ever. you want to feel gorgeous and be in what makes you look and feel ravishing.
    good luck with the lace one… and maybe david’s has a similar style?

    • Brooke, the ones from David’s are not that much cheaper! While the one I’m looking at goes for over a grand, online the price is for $928 (no tax!) at a reputable site. David’s dresses are around $700, some over a thousand as well, and there’s tax on top of that. A friend of mine commented on a lace dress I tried on from them “it’s pretty from far away, but from up close it looks like a curtain” Uh, thanks.

      I wish I had someone to go dress shopping with me though! All of my friends are busy tomorrow!

  3. Oh gosh. Wedding dress shopping is so stressful! Even after I bought my dress and loved it, I had weekly nightmares about it NOT fitting! (I got mine at DB too – man, the people there are awful!)

    If it will give you a piece of mind, I would go for it! I do think both are beautiful though!

    • Thanks, kilax! I definitely need the peace of mind… I figured I can always sell one of them, even if at a loss. Or maybe I can bring both to Brazil and try to sell it there (since dresses there are EXPENSIVE — my brother’s wife spent 2,000 on a first rental!)

      DB people were horrible. The woman got me the dresses and promptly disappeared.

  4. I think both dresses are gorgeous but you have to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Try the other one on. If it fits and you love it, go for it. You only get married once!

  5. Lindsay

    I’ve had the same “doubts” about my dress… I bought the first one I tried on at the first store I went to. Granted I did try on a couple after (maybe 5-6 overall?), I ended up picking the first one I tried on. I still get crazy thoughts sometimes but I’ve just tried to remind myself that I picked THAT particular dress for a reason.

    Can’t wait to hear about the dress appointment!

    • Lindsay, I heard doubts are very common… If only we could wear these type of dresses in other occasions, then it wouldn’t be such a hard decision to make! There would be no need to find the “one” since you could have many “ones” to wear.

      I think the new dress was a good decision. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders…

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