Better Week

I ran home on Tuesday and it was hot, muggy, and windy.  You’d think the headwind would help with the hot and muggy part, but hot wind blowing on you, making the run harder, doesn’t really help.

My Garmin didn’t want to cooperate either.  I started walking until it got signal, and 10 minutes later, it was STILL searching for a satellite, asking me if I was indoors, and if today was May 4th.  The time on it also said 10:15am, when it was in fact almost 6pm.  Frustrating.  When I got to E Street, I gave up and started running, when I reached the Lincoln Memorial it FINALLY picked up a signal, so I stopped the timer and started it as a new run — I hate it when it says I took 25 minutes to complete my first mile, when it was actually the GPS that was not tracking anything yet!

The run was tough, probably because I was by myself, and I get bored on my own, specially since I had no music.  Also, I was carrying my five fingers, as my plan was to switch when I was 2 miles in.  Since I had no clue when it was really two miles, I picked a random spot, changed shoes, then carried my running shoes for the next couple of miles — that was not fun.  I didn’t bring water, and I was dying by the time I got to the Pentagon.

Karl was nice enough to meet me there with the car, so I had a roughly 2.5 miles run (maybe more, since the Garmin didn’t work for part of it), it was a short run, but felt like it took forever.

Wednesday I went to the group run, and Mira, who hasn’t run since she got pregnant last year, came out to her first run since.  I slowed down a lot on the first half, so she could keep up with me (I much rather have the company then go for time!).  About 40 minutes in she gave up and walked, so I took off.  I was going a lot faster, probably because I had energy left from slowing down!  It wasn’t an easy run either way (those 20 minutes on my own sucked), but it was a good run regardless.

Tomorrow?  I have an almost 2 hour long run scheduled.  We’ll see how that will go…  The weather is supposed to be much cooler at 70 degrees, so it might be perfect for running!


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4 responses to “Better Week

  1. i have a 2 hour or so run planned for tomorrow too! good luck!

  2. I’ve been checking the DC weather since I am going there in a few weeks… too hot for me! I hope it stays cool for your 2-hour run!

    Why did you switch your shoes rather than wear them from the start?

    • Oh, let me know when you get into town. It looks like next week is back to the 60’s… Good for running, sucky for anything else.

      It takes a LONG time for you to adapt to the vibram five fingers… You can’t just put it on and run miles with it, it’s recommended you go a mile at a time. Even after only a mile, I’ve been walking like a penguin in the past couple of days as my calves are SORE. Since I can’t fit short runs in my training, I figured I can switch shoes in the middle of it…

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