Wedding Talk: I did it!

Remember how I said last week that I was having major doubts on my wedding dress?

Saturday, Nanubia, who’s my maid of honor, was able to join me at the last minute, and so was one of my friends from volleyball.  We went to Katherine’s Bridal Boutique in Alexandria, and after too long of a wait for someone who had made an appointment, a salesperson finally helped me.  I wasn’t there to shop.  I was there to try on the dress I have been eying.

She found the dress and brought it over to me, and it was just the color I wanted, all in ivory.  I knew I was going to like it.  We finally made our way into the dressing room, I put the dress on, and though there were no “OMG!” or tears, I knew it was it…  The dress is gorgeous.

I was determined to save my money and buy it online.  Online, I could buy it for $928, no tax, plus I had a couple of coupons sitting on my inbox.  But Nanubia asked me “if something goes wrong, isn’t it better to have a store you can go to and complain?  Isn’t it worth the extra hundred bucks for that kind of peace of mind?”

She had a point.  I told the salesperson my issue, and that if they were able to make it for $1,000, including tax, I’d take it then.  They matched my price, I ponied up the credit card, and left a thousand dollars poorer.

The dress comes in at the end of August, hopefully a tad sooner so my parents will get to see it when they’re in town.  The rejected dress?  I’ll have to sell it, but I’ll wait until the other one arrives, just in case.  If you know anyone looking for a dress, send them over to me…

I am now in deep fear that the store will get their money back from me through alterations.  I had to order the same size as the sample size, since even though the top part was was big on me, it was just fine on my hips, so the last thing I want is a dress that won’t fit me on the hips!  (Have I mentioned that my waist is two sizes smaller than my hips?  Yes, baby got back.)

Unfortunately, the shop doesn’t allow pictures, and though I know that after I paid for it, they would have, we totally forgot about it!

But I’ll leave you with pictures of the dress that I’m NOT going to wear.  How’s that?

And I must have lost weight since March when I purchased the dress, even if my scale and my measurements have been lying to me, because the dress below is way too big on me now…  I still love how the back looks, but hate how the dress looks on pictures.  It is MUCH better looking in person, since it’s rich in details.  It was one of my concerns when I started considering a new dress — I’ll have to stare at those wedding pictures forever, it won’t be fair if the pictures don’t do the dress any justice.

Please excuse the unwashed hair, unmade face and the obvious “can’t you tell I came here straight from work” exhaustion on my face.  And now, the rejected dress:


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11 responses to “Wedding Talk: I did it!

  1. you look great to me! but im so glad you got the dress you wanted! now i can’t wait to see that one!

    • The stomach pooch was annoying me — it looks like I’m trying to hide a pregnancy!

      The new one has a corset back, so it’s much more efficient in getting things in place, and let’s not forget the strategic placement of the sash… Plus, the corset closure will also be good if I do too much damage on the week I’m in Brazil before the wedding…

  2. YAY! I am happy you got it. Of course, I want to see YOU in it!

    I had my alterations done by a tailor… it was much cheaper. Maybe that is another option to consider 😉

    • I’ve heard the same thing before, but I have no idea even where to start looking for a tailor. I’ll have to see how much alterations at the store will cost first and then explore if it’s totally expensive…

  3. Try Lefty’s for the alterations. I suspect they would be cheaper, faster, and get it right.

    Does the man read this? Will he see the dress name and google it? Ha ha. Mine would do that.

    • I got two good recommendations for seamstress here in VA. One apparently has a cap of $200, regardless of the amount of changes.

      The man doesn’t read this, but he already knows the name of the dress (I had to tell him it was his sister’s name!). He’s supersticious, so there’s no way he’ll be looking the dress up. He didn’t even want to see a picture of the veil!

  4. I’m so glad to hear you decided to get a dress that you are happy in! I’m sure you will look awesome!

    • Thanks, Jess! Let’s hope all the running helps me look even better on the dress… Though I don’t want to pay for alterations, I really do want for my dress to come in and hear those magic words “oh, it’s too big, we’ll have to take it in!”

  5. Well, you look beautiful in the rejected dress, so I can only imagine how fantastic you will look in the one you choose.

    • Aw, thanks, Lisa! I can’t wait to finally get the dress in and have some pictures to show for it. Too bad I have to wait until August for that…

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