Wedding Talk: What’s in a name?

At this point, you might have picked up on a little something.  My name is Carla.  My fiance’s name is Karl.  As in, for real.  This is not some pseudo-identity I have here in this blog.

Yep, when we met, my first thought was “this will never work” and yep, I was wrong.  Hooray for being wrong this time, right?

When I told my mom his name, her first reaction was “your grandfather’s name was Karl” (my grandparents from my dad’s side passed before I was born).

When I asked Nanubia to be my maid of honor, I had no idea what her middle name was.  Later, I found out it’s Karla.

My mom hired a wedding planner, which then recommended a DJ company, who in turn sent the guy who does events for the American Consulate, since they knew we were having a lot of American guests.  The DJ’s name?  Carlos.

The latest coincidence no longer has to do with our names (it’s enough already, right?), but with Karl’s sister’s name.  It didn’t hit me at first, and I really only noticed after I had been eying my new dress for a while.  His sister’s name is Karena.  My new wedding gown style name?  Karena Royale.  When I told her, she said “of course it was meant to be!”


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4 responses to “Wedding Talk: What’s in a name?

  1. WOW! It really IS meant to be!! 🙂

  2. I believe in that stuff totally! I met a guy 12 years ago who became a long term boyfriend. A couple weeks after meeting I was in a doctors office and the wallpaper was peeling off the wall. I reached out to just “stick” it back to the wall and realized something was written under it. It was the guys name who I just met. Weird. But I believe there are no coincidences in life – it’s meant to be. Sometimes the signs are louder than at other times.

    • The name behind the wallpaper is just freaky!

      I’m curious to see how many more variations of Karl and Carla we’ll encounter before the wedding. And contrary to our friends’ multiple requests, we will not be naming our kids “Carly” and the like.

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