Running home!

The weather was cold (back to the 60’s when it was in the 90’s just last week!), and gloomy.  It looked like it’s going to rain any second.  Luckily, the rain never came, and as I had brought all my running clothes to work, I got dressed, and went on a run.

I had told Karl to NOT meet me at the Pentagon today, that I was going to run all the way home, since I missed my run yesterday.

The cooler weather was a godsend!  I started the run not very convinced, but had a great run!  Every time I peeked at my Garmin, my pace was in the 10-something.  I tried slowing down, knowing it was going to affect me later, but couldn’t do it, as I was feeling great!  As I was approaching the Pentagon, I looked over the Air Force Memorial (which is on my way home), and knew I could do another mile!  It would have been my first full-run home.

I was feeling great! 

To my disappointment, I got to the end of that part of the trail, and there was Karl.  Apparently, he didn’t listen when I said I’m running all the way home, and was there to pick me up.  I got upset, and lost my motivation right away.  So what was supposed to have been a four mile run, ended short at a sad 2.8 miles.  I’m still upset that he didn’t pay attention to what I said (specially when I was feeling so good on a run!), but it doesn’t take much to make me stop running, so I couldn’t really tell him he wasted his trip.

On the bright side?  I did 2.8 miles at a 10:23 average pace — if you’ve been reading for a while, you know that’s a great pace for me (even if it’s a super slow pace for most runners).  I blame the gloomy, but cool weather…  If only I had a switch and could make it be 60 degrees every time I laced up the running shoes…


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10 responses to “Running home!

  1. I read the post the other night about your pace, and there’s yet another thing we share in common. I could never seem to break an 11 / 12 minute pace. I just run 5 miles an hour. Can’t help it. But I love those days when somehow the carb loading was the perfect cocktail and you just fly.

    Karl just loves you. He wanted to see you sooner! And I love that you say it doesn’t take you much to stop running. That’s me. “eek. a bug landed on me. I’m going home.”

    • Ok, this is just getting too freaky. We should totally go for a run together then! I’m in need of more snail-paced running buddies!

  2. good job lady! there’s no need to worry about justifying your pace! you did a great job and you felt good doing it; that’s what matters!

  3. I wonder why he still picked you up? What a silly 🙂 Great run! I think that is a great pace too. That is my comfortable pace and I don’t see much of a reason to go too much faster.

    I know for sure I will be in DC from 5/23-5/28. I think the hotel I am staying at is close to the Pentagon (I think it is the Ritz in Pentagon City). Should I send you my weeknight schedule once I get it? 🙂

    • Oh yeah, definitely! You can join my group for our usual Wednesday night run (we start at 6:45 in Crystal City — a ten minute walk from Pentagon City), and we can plan a couple of other runs as well! Yay!

      Said that, you might have to slow a tad for me — I’ll try my best to keep up though!

  4. Naomi

    Yay for such an awesome pace! 😀

    If I have had more time, I would have loved to join your group for a run! I should be going back in September so hopefully then. I love that I now know all the places you mention on here, heh. 🙂

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