Wedding Talk: The Party

I have never been one of those girls that dreamed of their wedding day, or the dress, or the ring.  I always wondered about the guy, but never about the event.

I have said many times “why spend so much money on a dress you’ll only wear once?” and was even tempted to buy one on sale online for $200, sight unseen.  (We all know how I feel about a wedding dress now…)

The party was another thing that shocked me.  “Why would people spend SO much money in a freaking party?  It’s just a party!!  A wedding does not make a marriage!” (Can you see where this is going?)

I had a dream of spending a couple of grand, going over to the Caribbean, and having a ceremony barefoot on the beach.  When I found THE guy, Karl, he nixed that idea right away “that’s a celebrity wedding!  Real weddings are in church!”  (Should I note that he hasn’t been in church in years, and we’re not even the same religion?)

My parents, also shared his view.

And this is when planning for a Catholic church wedding started (I’m the Catholic one, as is most of Brazilians, even if I also haven’t been in church, save for weddings, in years).  My parents were set in paying for everything (score — I know!!!), specially since they didn’t spend a cent on my brother’s wedding last year.  I told them many times, “a wedding is just a party, don’t spend too much money!”

They didn’t listen.  They’re spending way more than I could have ever imagined.  Now, that I am obsessed with bridal blogs and magazines, and spend half my day at work procrastinating on Wedding Bee I know a lot more about weddings.  I’m glad they’re spending the money.  Sure, we could put a down payment on a house with that money, but it’s not like whatever they save would be hours anyway.  Plus, it’s amazing that they’re doing this for me.

I have also come to realize that a wedding is not in fact just a party.  It’s an EVENT.  A (knock on wood) once in a lifetime event.  It’s also not about me, or even about Karl, but about our family and friends.  And I’m freaking excited to have them all there to share the day with me.  In Rio, nonetheless.

And the church wedding that I thought was so stuffy for me?  Now makes me excited.  My parents chose a church in downtown Rio.  Not any church, but a small historic church built in 1750.  A church that when Rio once was attacked, a cannon ball went inside the church, and landed on the foot of a marble statue of Mary.  The cannonball is still there, untouched, unexploded.  How cool is that?

And imagine the pictures we’re getting at this place:

Our reception venue, picked because of its closeness to the church, is also beautiful, in a historic building, with an indoor/outdoor seating area (which closes off with a glass ceiling in case of rain):

Now I am super excited about the event, the party, and the opportunity to share such a fun day with everyone.

I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want a wedding in DC — my parents and brother could have probably made it, but not the rest of my family, but I wanted them all there.

Now it’s in Rio, and it’ll be spectacular, but many of my friends from DC can’t make it, because it’s not a cheap trip.  It breaks my heart.  I truly want everyone there because I know they’ll have SUCH a good time too, not just at the wedding, but in Rio, it’s a great city.  If only I had the money to tell them “no worries, I’ll pay for your flight and hotel.”  Because if I had it, I would.  Just so that everyone could share the day with me.


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2 responses to “Wedding Talk: The Party

  1. Wow! The church is so beautiful! I want to see pictures of that canon ball!

    Will you have another reception in DC?

    We got a loan to pay for our wedding party, but don’t regret it at all. Like you said – it is an event!

    • I’ll make sure we get pictures of the cannonball! I’m curious to see it too!

      We decided not to have a reception in DC — too much planning involved, and it would be another small fortune for it. One of my friends suggested we have a big BBQ during the summer as a pre-wedding event for those who can’t make it to Brazil, so I’m leaning towards that.

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