Saturday Run

I had a 2 hour run planned for Saturday, and Karl was planning on running it with me.  Friday night he asks me “does my foot look swollen?”  His foot, which has been hurting him for a couple of weeks when he took a bad step, was not veiny and bony like the other one, but looked like a toddler’s foot instead, plump and smooth.

Needless to say, I told him to stay home on Saturday, that I was going to do the run on my own.  We both knew a 2 hour run on my own would be a big fail, but I had to try anyway.

I met up with the group and everyone else was only doing 60 minutes.  Kathy, who had foot surgery a few months ago, was finally back out to run!  She is usually WAY faster than me, but since it was her first time out, she tagged along with me for the first 30 minutes.  She turned back around right after we crossed the 14th street bridge, and from there I was on my own.

I was supposed to run along the Tidal Basin, but after dodging crowds of teenagers that were pouring out of the coach buses (and having a stupid teenager bump into me — stupid tourists — it’s a big sidewalk!  Stay to your right and don’t take the whole freaking way!), I decided to go along Hains Point instead and avoid the aggravation.

Right after hitting the 3 mile mark, I was done.  I wasn’t tired, I was just SO BORED.  It was a gorgeous day out for walking, but way too hot and windy for running.  So I gave up and started to walk.  I didn’t even feel guilty about it, I had no desire to run.  I just took my time, enjoyed the day for a bit.

I checked on my Garmin, and it look like I would complete 4.5 miles by the time I hit the one hour mark (it was a slow walk), so I told myself that once I turned around, I would just run to the end.

I turned around, turned on the ipod, and off I went.  The funny thing?  I felt great, and not even a bit bored.  I was keeping good pace, was not even a bit tired, and was totally enjoying myself.

At the end, I completed 9 miles, at a 12:19 min/mile average pace (this including my 1.5 mile walk, so not a bad pace!).  I felt good and re-energized!

After a quick stop home for a much needed shower, Karl and I went off to Philips for an all-you-can-eat seafood lunch (hmmmm, crab legs…), then I went home and took a 3 hour nap, got ready for my friend’s housewarming party (where I proceeded to stuff my face with chocolate dipped strawberries), and then we went to RiRa in Clarendon to dance the rest of the night to my favorite cover band EVER.  (Seriously, if I was getting married in DC, I totally be booking them for my wedding.)

All in all, it was a great day!

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