Wedding Talk: Save the Date

While I first started thinking of sending out “Save the Dates” I was sure I wanted to send one of those magnet ones.  I had received them before, and loved them!

Of course, the sticker shock brought me back to reality — well over a hundred bucks for fifty?  WTF?  But Save the Dates were not an option for us, seeing that anyone coming to a wedding in Rio would need plenty of notice to book their trips.

So I started looking around for options, and found this website: — it has nothing to do with weddings, but it turned out to be perfect — and incredibly cheap.

At first, I ordered 50 of them, which came out to less than twenty bucks, and I figured I could afford to lose that $20 if I didn’t like them.

The more I thought about having a postcard as a Save the Date the more I realized how really perfect it is.  For most people coming, this will be a destination wedding.  Why not send a postcard with all the sights they will get to see and visit on their trip?  I collected the pictures of Rio that we took on our trip there in January, and was good to go!

A week later, I got them on the mail, and was giddy with excitement opening the envelope:  they came out PERFECT.  The quality is spectacular (I got the glossy ones), the colors pop out of the card.  And for some odd reason, I got 65 of them, instead of only 50 (score!).

And those who are invited to the wedding got greeted with this baby in their mailbox (last names and wedding website scratched off for this post — the card itself has the whole info, of course):

(Please excuse the glare from the flash — and what looks like uneven outside borders, is just me taking a bad picture.)

And at the end, my hesitation to spend boatloads of money on magnets worked well:  these cards are much in sync with the travel theme of our wedding!  And hopefully it did the job enticing people to come!


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8 responses to “Wedding Talk: Save the Date

  1. They’re gorgeous!

  2. Naomi

    Wow, they look so wonderful! Yay for the 15 freebies! 🙂

    • I know, freebies are awesome! Plus, it was so cheap since the site has nothing to do with weddings (it seems like anytime you say “wedding” prices triple).

  3. I love the postcards. Friends of mine used those two for their save the dates. They were super cute and didn’t break the bank!

    • I’m glad I thought of them before spending money on magnets. And most people ended up putting their postcards on their fridge anyway, so win-win!

  4. What a creative save-the-date! I love it!

    We went the magnet route, after our friends had really cool ones. We could not afford those either though, and my husband was really disappointed with the ones we ended up with.

    • I love how they turned out too! Plus it seems like it helped enticing people to come 🙂

      Sorry to hear your husband was disappointed with the ones you ended up with. But at the end of the day, the save of the day is just a tiny little aspect of the whole wedding.

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