Wedding Talk: Rings!

I’ve been waiting anxiously for my wedding band to get here.  Karl bought it online, and it takes 3-4 weeks for delivery, and even though we still have 6 months until the wedding, I want it here NOW.

We went ring shopping a few times, and I had a really hard time deciding not only what would look good with my engagement ring without overpowering it, but what would also look good by itself since I can’t wear my engagement ring everywhere (definitely not in Brazil…).

Karl’s ring was a much simpler process (ah, to be a guy…).  At first, Karl also wanted a platinum band, but he also wanted something shiny.  I explained to him that platinum scratches easily and eventually it will be matte.  He then started considering Tungsten rings, which yay for me, it’s a LOT cheaper than platinum ones (so I’m saving a good grand on his ring).

We did a bit of research, and settled on buying it from Titanium Kay, since the site has great reviews and spectacular prices.

After picking two styles, choosing which we liked best after receiving them in the mail, and returning one for a refund and one for engraving, we received the final ring at home.

Of course, I took pictures!   I engraved it with You’re My Dream Come True – C&K 11/27/10 (our wedding date)

I can’t recommend Titanium Kay enough — the ring prices were great (his ring was less than $100, including engraving!), and the quality and service was well beyond my expectations.  From the time we first ordered to the time he had the final engraved ring back was at most 2 weeks.

The bad part?  There’s still 6 months until he could wear that for good.  I loved seeing him with a ring on his finger.  Who knew a ring could make a guy so ridiculously attractive?


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8 responses to “Wedding Talk: Rings!

  1. I love your ring and his ring!!! Fabulous taste. And yep, it’s amazing how much more attractive they become as soon as the ring goes on the finger! I love it. We’ve only been married 2 months, so I still love the newness of seeing him wear his ring!

  2. Oh yes… the rings do look great on men. I think it is the sexiness that another woman loves them so much. Yeah. That doesn’t make sense.

    Isn’t it funny how much cheaper the men’s ring is? Ha ha!

    Like I said today, I LOVE your ring!

    Why can’t you wear your engagement ring in Brazil?

    • Unfortunately it’s one of those countries that you can’t safely display expensive jewelry and diamonds out in public, out of risk of getting robbed. Though I know quite a few people who do it anyway and say “I think they look at me and think there’s no way I’d be that stupid so they just assume it’s fake”

      I rather not risk it… So only simple jewelry for me while I’m there!

  3. I remember those days. I remember my weddng band came in and I wanted to give it a try and my husband didn’t want me on until I said I do… so I just got to look at it everyday until the wedding 🙂

    • Yeah, Karl entertained me with it for a while, but after that he put it away and refuses to put it back on until the wedding because he wants it “to be special then”

      I even tried convincing him to wear on his right hand for now (which is what Brazilian men do when they’re engaged), but no luck.

  4. Get a fun decoy ring for the e-ring!

    I love the engraving idea. Damn. I might have to steal that idea from you.

    • I thought about the fun decoy ring! But what if people think it’s real? Do I really want to take the risk?

      Ha, feel free to still the engraving idea. It’s not like it was very original in the first place!

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