The Run!

Remember how yesterday I mentioned that I might be running home with company?  Well, Kim did make her way to DC and met me after work, and I took her on my commute home!

Though I’ve run with strangers a few times (one of the perks of running with a group), she is the first person I met through this blog!  If any of you ever make your way to DC and want to run with my slow-ass self, let me know!

Kim met me right by my office, and off we went towards the Mall.  I’m far from a shy person, and usually quite chatty (hard to make me shut up, really), but I have to apologize to her that I wasn’t talking much during this run…  It was an option between “continue breathing” and “talking” and I chose the breathing part instead, because I didn’t think it would be appropriate to pass out mid-trail with a person I just met.

Kim is super nice!  First she told me that I look young — I’m 30, and I like to think I finally look my age, as I was one of those people who at 13 looked like I was 18; at 17 it didn’t take me much to go into a bar underage in the US (not that I ever drank much, it was a matter of principle seeing that in Brazil the drinking age is 18!).  Awesome and cool when you’re young, but it loses the novelty when you start actually being old.  She later told me that she thought I looked skinny when she first saw me.  Honestly, I hadn’t heard that since I actually was skinny…  (Hmmm, 15 years ago?  Gosh, I AM old.)

So yeah, can you have a better running partner than one that calls you young and skinny?

The weather was HOT and muggy.  DC can be quite disgusting.  I kept trying to keep up with her, and we finally slowed down a bit on our third mile.

Remember how last week I was all excited I got a PR, finishing my 3.11 mile run with a 9:51 pace?  On my attempt to keep up with Kim, I got a new PR — we finished the run with a 9:49 pace.  This time I didn’t have the nice cool weather on my side either (but the portions downhill still helped!).

Despite feeling like my body was going to go on strike at any minute, I had so much fun running with Kim!  She even took a few pictures of our run.

I have to admit that I cropped both pictures as it looked like I was an “after” commercial from a stomach stapling procedure, but a “before” the tummy tuck surgery (you know, with all the extra flab hanging down in the stomach?).  And I’ve always been so proud that I don’t have much of a stomach, the fat mostly settles on my thighs…  What a wake up call!  Seems like I stick my stomach out when I run.  The poor bikers and runners on the trail that have to witness that stomach pooch jiggle!  (Yes, it’s covered, but still, ew.)

Maybe I should start running with spanx.

Running in front of the Reflecting Pool and the Washington Monument (you can even see the Capitol on the back). I love how I look kind of tanned in this picture!

In Pentagon City with Kim, after our run! (I don't know why I'm sticking my neck out like that.)


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12 responses to “The Run!

  1. YAY!!! i have met some AMAZING friends through my blog 🙂 so fun!

  2. YaY! I clicked through via Kim’s site! You guys look like you’re having a total blast. I look forward to reading more!

  3. WOW I didn’t know you guys were friends! I read both of your blogs regularly, but have been away for the last few days! So cool.

    • Oh and I REALLY want to move to DC so I can be best friends with you guys and have running buddies!

      • Lo-Jo, we literally just met yesterday! Kim posted a comment on one of my posts that next time she’s in DC she will try to run on the trails I talk about, so I told her to get in touch with me and I’ll take her out for a run!

        She’s in town this week, and we’re going for another run tomorrow! If you’re ever in DC, you know who to contact 🙂

  4. Ha ha, I was going to ask you tonight where you got that top you were wearing today because I thought that looked really slimming too. I need to take shopping advice from you 😉

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