Wednesday Run + Garmin FAIL

Yesterday, Kim was still in town, so she met me and my running group for a 50 minute run.

Of course, while Wednesdays run usually bring a dozen people out, Kim probably thought I was a big loser, when only 4 of us showed up (and that included the two of us!).  9 people had RSVP’d, and we had a bunch of no-shows.  The weather was in the low-90’s and horribly muggy (welcome, DC summer!), and since we’re not used to that kind of weather here yet, it was likely the reason a lot of people chickened out.

The run was good though, I was able to show Kim another one of our trails (we ran on the Mt. Vernon Trail), and she took pictures of DC from across the Potomac.  No pictures of me this time though, even though I wore a cute shirt!  We were both dripping in sweat by the end of the run (super attractive), and we completed 4.59 miles in those 50 minutes (10:54 pace).

So I had two runs with Kim and my pace already got slightly faster — Kim, you should move to DC so I can finally work towards the 10 min/mile pace I so dream of!  Nothing like having someone that will push me to go faster.  Poor Karl is WAY faster than me, but I keep telling him to “slow down!  Why are you doing this to me?  If you want to go faster, just drop me already” — yes, I can be quite dramatic during my runs…

I got home, ready to plug my Garmin into my computer and finally upload my last 3 runs (the 11.5 miles on Saturday, the PR on Monday…), but then nothing happened.  I removed the Garmin from the dock, went to turn it on and  nothing.

I frantically searched for information online and a soft reset was able to bring it back to power.  But no luck in uploading my runs.  When I removed it from the dock again, it would again not turn on.  A soft reset would power it back up, but as soon as it was off, it would not turn on again.  I was in the verge of tears — don’t quit on me now!!!

Unfortunately, after an hour trying this soft reset crap, I gave up and did a hard reset.  I lost ALL my info (my PR was gone before it even got uploaded!  My 11.5 mile run never got computed into my totals!), but the Garmin was back on again.  After setting everything back up (profile, settings, display, ugh), it seems to be fine now.  Fingers crossed…

Luckily, it ran out of room last week and I synchronized it with the computer then.  Imagine if all the 500 miles I logged had disappeared with nothing to show for them?   Now I just have to go out there and run a faster 3 miles than what we did this year, and create a new PR to fix it, right?


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2 responses to “Wednesday Run + Garmin FAIL

  1. I wanted to take a sweaty pic of us but didn’t want to be obnoxious. I should have!

    I hope I get to see you again in DC! I don’t want to wait until you come here.

    It’s not the same, but you can see my version of our Monday run here, and Wednesday here (but I did not sprint at the end like you!).

    • Maybe it was for the best that you didn’t… We probably looked disgusting!

      I know, you have to come back to DC! I need more running buddies my pace (or at least that will push me to go faster…)

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