Off on vacation! Yay!

Yesterday, we got an awesome email from our managing director:

“As this is a holiday weekend, and in appreciation of your continuing commitment and hard work, I am asking Heads of Departments and Offices to allow staff to leave at 2:00 pm tomorrow, May 28.”

I was supposed to drag my suitcase to work, get out of here a few minutes early, and make my way on the metro to the airport for our flight to Charleston tonight.  Now?  I have a bunch of hours in between!

My bus, however, doesn’t start running until shortly before 4pm.  I can metro to Pentagon City, and hop on a bus from there, but usually the schedules don’t align so that can easily take me an hour (and I’m only 4 miles from home, yo!).  I can also metro to Pentagon City, and walk the mile and a half home, but again, it can add up to about an hour at the end.

Or, I can run home.  Or even better:  I’m meant to run 8 miles tomorrow (yay for taper!), but having a hard time figuring out how to fit it in our first day of vacation, so I can take the long way home, and put 7 miles under my belt!  I posted this before, my run home taking the 14 Street Bridge, and the Mt. Vernon Trail:

The only problem?  Today we’re also meant to get all sorts of thunderstorms.  I’m thinking of just sucking it up (being “diesel” as Karl would say it) and going even if it’s raining to get over with, and start my holiday weekend on relaxation mode (I heard we’re not too far from the beach!  BEACH!!!).  I even brought my “run amuck” race t-shirt, because I thought it was quite fitting to the occasion.

Now how do you protect your ipod during a thunderstorm?  Should I put it in a ziploc bag and call it a day?  Or just not use it at all?  I run without music all the freaking time, but on the rare occasions I run by myself, it’s nice to have the distraction…

More questions:  I’ve never been to Charleston, we’re going there to visit Karl’s best friend who just had a baby (OMG, will there be baby pictures on this blog next week?  Am I becoming that domesticated??).  I have a couple more runs left that I cannot skip, since the Zooma Half is next Sunday.  Have you been to Charleston?  Where should I go running there?  (The runs won’t be longer than 4 miles — have I mentioned how I love taper? — so I just want a pretty place to run in!)

I’ll try to keep this blog updated next week, but I might not be able to post everyday, since I’ll be busy doing nothing and relaxing and all…


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7 responses to “Off on vacation! Yay!

  1. megabrooke

    have a good trip!

    i love running in the rain! i always end up running faster! i’d just put your ipod in a baggie and call it good.

  2. K

    I did run amuck too! What a fun race.
    I found you via Kim @ ilaxSTUDIO.

  3. Did you do the run? How is vacation?!

    • I did, and it was horrible. My stomach started acting up at mile 3, and I had to stop and walk to avoid embarrassing myself… Ugh. I ended up walking and running home (all 7 miles), stopping to walk every time my stomach got too painful. No fun 😦

      Vacation is totally awesome. I have a great tan 🙂

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