Back from vacation!

I had all intentions of blogging from Charleston, but turns out I was way too busy going to the beach and taking naps…  Somehow I managed to gain 7lbs in a week, not even sure how someone can gain weight that fast.  It must have been those tacos (we had them for lunch three times!  SO GOOD!) and sushi (we ate there twice…  I wish we had good sushi like that near home).  *Sigh*

I have a couple of posts to come — one from my run on the Cooper River Bridge in Charleston (with pictures, yay!), and then a race recap from the Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon which I ran yesterday, and kicked my ass.  Until then, here’s a few pictures from our trip…

At James Island…

With Karl at Angel Oak Tree (ignore my awesome after beach look):

Karl practicing his parenting skills with super-cute little baby Jake (who’s HUGE at 14.5lbs, but only 8 weeks old!):

After a deliciously expensive dinner at Fig with Karl and his friends — Roque, who flew in from LA, Mihyang and her husband Dave (Karl’s best friend) who were our hosts for the week, and their baby Jake:

A frog!  I love frogs!

Another day at the beach at Sullivan’s Island:

And the fishermen near us caught two sand sharks!  This was the first one…  I didn’t take pictures of the second one, but Mihyang did — I’ll post those pictures when she sends them.  And no worries, the sand sharks were released right back into the water after being caught.

At Isle of Palms:

Awesome sunset on our way back home from dinner:

Karl and I back at Sullivan’s Island on our last day in town…  (it was our favorite beach!)  The freckles are out for the season, despite putting sunscreen with SPF 100 and reapplying hundreds of times throughout the week… (If you click on the picture, you can see what I’m talking about…)

We flew back into DC on a gloomy Friday around 8pm.  The view from the plane says it all.  No fun…


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7 responses to “Back from vacation!

  1. I ran a 10k yesterday and nearly passed out from heat exhaustion – I can’t believe you did Zooma! That race is TOUGH!

    Summer heat is tough! I’m not looking forward to Survivor Harbor 7 next weekend either….

    • I had no idea how tough Zooma would be. Definitely not running again — I didn’t enjoy any part of it at all 😦

      My marathon training starts this week — it’ll be interesting training in the summer, to say the least. I LOVE the heat, but wish I could change the weather to 50 degrees every time I went out for a run!

  2. Ahh, to be able to change the weather for a run – how lovely would that be?!

    Your vacation pictures are great! 🙂

    • Thanks! I had a much better time than I expected — I had met Karl’s best friend a couple of times before while he was here for business trips, but hadn’t spent much time with him. They all made me feel right at home!

  3. I love all the pics! You look so beautiful 🙂 And that tree… amazing!

    Ha. I think I gained at least 5 pounds that week I was in DC! You aren’t the only one who does it, don’t feel bad!

    • I guess you’re saying the freckles suit me?

      That tree for sure is impressive!

      Back to dieting this week, and hopefully I can undo some of the damage (of course, it doesn’t help we’re going camping this weekend — hmmm, s’mores…)

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