Wedding Talk: Bachelorette Party

I have no clue how many people follow tradition and have a bachelorette party, and how many skip them.  Or even the reason they do it one way or the other.

I decided to skip mine — I cannot envision myself prancing around town sucking on penis straws.  What is it with all the penile paraphernalia that goes into those parties anyway?  Plus, I no longer enjoy a night out clubbing — a true sign that I’m getting (I am?) old.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love dancing the night away, but need my own little bubble of personal space, without having my feet stepped on and beer spilled on me multiple times.

I rarely go out dancing nowadays, but Karl and I always make an exception when these folks are in town.  If we were having the wedding here, there’s no doubt we’d be paying whatever the asking price is for them to play at our reception!

Karl also is not too excited by a stripper filled bachelor party, so he’s skipping that as well.

What we’ll be doing instead?  We decided to spend the night before the wedding apart — the guys that will be in Rio for the wedding will go out to a local bar, and the girls will do the same.  Nothing crazy (we don’t want anyone hungover for the wedding) and we’ll likely be home by midnight or so (again, we’re old!).

Did you have (or will you have) a bachelorette party?  What was your reasoning for having one or skipping it?

I totally think a chill girls night out will be right up my alley!


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2 responses to “Wedding Talk: Bachelorette Party

  1. I never had one. I’m way past my chronological 27 years and would much rather have a chill night with close friends. No penis straws for me, thankyouverymuch. 🙂

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