Run home: FAIL

Remember how before vacation I was going to run home, taking the long way there, in order to get my long run in?  I was psyched for it, since we were getting out of work early, and I could fit my run with enough time to shower and head to the airport.

Some days are just now meant for running…  I think the first mistake was skipping on lunch, and munching on the left over fruits we had at home instead, so they wouldn’t go to waste while we went away.  For breakfast and lunch, I ate an yogurt, a pear, an apple, two oranges and a clementine.  The clementine tasted a bit funny, but since not every slice was bad, I finished it off.  I think that was my first mistake…

I left work pumped for the run!  Everything was inside a ziploc bag in case of rain, and I was full of energy.  The first three miles went great, I was staying below a 10 minute/mile pace and was feeling fine.  Somewhere around the 14th street bridge, I felt I was on a puke threshold…  I wasn’t feeling tired, so it wasn’t my pace.  In order not to vomit, I stopped and walked for a bit.

As soon as I got back to running, I started feeling deep stomach pangs.  Oh, how fun.  I was too far into the run to be able to cut it short, and the only way home now WAS the long way.  I had to keep stopping to walk in order to avoid embarrassing myself on the trails in front of unsuspecting runners.

After what felt like ages, I finally got to my building, and got home just in time — exciting, I know!  I averaged a 12 minute/mile pace, even with the walks, so at least I pushed myself during the running parts.  But the run?  A big fail.

My stomach was still queasy at the airport, and only after paying an exorbitant amount for medicine at one of the airport stores it finally settled down.

Add that to a 2.5 hour delay on our hour-long flight — AFTER we got to the airport, of course — and my day was not the best.  But we arrived in Charleston, and I promptly collapsed in bed, and it was all good again.  The trip?  Was awesome!  Totally worth finishing off that bad clementine for.


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4 responses to “Run home: FAIL

  1. Sorry the run didn’t go well, but I’m glad you were home ‘just in time’! 🙂

    Don’t you hate when you have to spend crazy amounts money on an item you already have at home? That happened to us with a few things in Vegas.

    • I hate that! Specially now with the carry on restrictions, we spent a fortune on travel sized items so we could carry them with us. Getting my regular products in miniature size at Sephora was painfully expensive.

  2. Maybe the fruit had too much fiber! Running on a painful stomach is the worst! But I think you still did really well!

    • I eat tons of fruits everyday, but I think it was the combo of not eating anything else with it, and the somewhat past-its-prime clementine…

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