Cooper River Bridge Run

I was enjoying being a bum too much to go running while in Charleston.  I gotta say, that as much as I bitch about DC in general and am really looking forward to our potential move next year, I will miss the trails here.  I don’t like running on sidewalks around residential neighborhoods, it all kind of looks the same to me.  The DC area has trails up to the wazoo, specially around Arlington, where I live, but most towns don’t have that luxury.

I knew I had to have at least one run during the week though, in order to properly run the Zooma Half on Sunday.  It was a taper week, so missing the other runs wouldn’t be the end of the world.  So I picked an interesting spot, instead of just running around the neighborhood.

Karl, Mihyang and I got ready and went to the Cooper River Bridge!  The two of them walked (Karl’s foot is still bothering him) while I ran across the bridge.

I should have known it was going to be a bad run when the day just started badly:  I packed two running outfits, extra socks, but forgot to pack my sports bra!!!  I had to wear this cheap Champion Target sports bra I had brought that I wear to sleep sometimes (that works for some people, but does not work when you have tatas the size of mine) over my regular cotton bra.  The bounce control was not there, and it made me extra hot…  But a girl gotta run.

The deal was that I’d run one way, then start walking back, and when we bumped into each other, we would turn around and walk back together.  It was a gorgeous but super hot sunny day, and we left home around 8am.

The run?  Kicked my ass.  It started with a steep uphill, and I gave up and walked towards the end of it.  I made up for my laziness by running all the way to the bottom, but by then I was already too sweaty, tired and thirsty.  I thought it would add up to 3 miles, but crossing the bridge was only 2.6 miles.  And I was DONE.  I didn’t even have enough in me to try to run the other 0.4.  WTF?  I don’t remember the last time I had a run this short, how the hell am I done after such a short run?

I was even sore the next day.  SORE.  A week and a half ago I had run 11.5 miles nonstop and was fine.  Here I was sore after a short run.

The Cooper River Bridge has some really pretty views, but it wasn’t too exciting to run over it though — the cars were zooming by too fast, so all you could hear was the noise of cars passing by (oh, I should mention, I also forgot to bring my ipod with me that morning…).

I made up for my crappy run by taking a crapload of pictures though…


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