Wedding Talk: Colors!

I never knew people cared so much about colors.  Heck, this color thing stressed me out so much because deep down I really didn’t care enough.

When people hear “I’m engaged!” the first thing they say is “let me see the ring!”   The second?  “What are your colors?”

Do girls spend their life dreaming of their wedding colors?  Because within hours of getting engaged that’s what I kept getting asked.  “Uh, I don’t know, I haven’t thought of it yet…”

So here I was, losing sleep over colors.  I knew one thing for sure — I wanted to wear red shoes and have a red bouquet.

Blue is my favorite color, and I also love red.  Black is considered of bad form for a wedding in Brazil (not so much for the attendants, but definitely for the wedding party).  I’m not a pastel color kind of girl, so if I picked blue, the whole freaking thing would look like the American flag, and the last thing I wanted is to make my wedding look like a 4th of July party.

At first I thought of asking everyone to wear red — black suits with red ties would look great, so it’s easy.  But I also REALLY didn’t want to pick a dress and force my bridesmaids to wear what I like.  I would hate for them to get a dress they didn’t like and never planned on wearing again.  So I could pick a designer and color, and let each one choose their own, right?  Not so easy — two of my bridesmaids are in Brazil and there’s no way to guarantee that they could find the exact same shade of red there.  And different shades of red?  Totally noticeable in pictures.

Then my mom freaked “the church will have a red carpet on the aisle, your bridesmaids can’t match the carpet!”

Since I didn’t care enough to argue, I then went back with blue.  I searched so many different sites, looked at so many pictures.  Personally, I absolutely love Alfred Angelo’s “tealness” color:

But the closest Alfred Angelo store is pretty far of a drive, and how exactly can I expect the girls in Rio to find a color that will match?

My mom wasn’t too crazy about me picking a color either — in Brazil the tradition is that every bridesmaid wears a different color, they’re supposed to not match.  But I wasn’t too keen on this idea.

After weeks of agonizing (about colors, seriously), I finally settled on it!  Blue it is.  But not a specific blue — any blue.  Each girl can pick whatever blue dress they like, as long as they each wear a different shade of blue, dark or light, doesn’t matter.  Weddings are very formal in Brazil, so my only specification is that they wear a long gown, a blue dress, and silver sandals (also, whatever type floats their boat).

The guys?  Are all wearing a navy blue tie with their suits, except Karl’s tie is a bit more royal blue to stand him out (plus, he’ll be sporting a tux).  The navy tie and black suits should match any shade of blue the girls wear.  The girls wearing different shades will also avoid the 4th of July party feel I feared.  And the best part?  It will combine both the American tradition of choosing a color with the Brazilian tradition of the girls not matching.

How will it look like?  Well, David’s Bridal site has a great nifty tool called “dress your wedding” and though the picture below doesn’t really reflect how our bridesmaids and groomsmen look like, or even what kind of dresses they’ll be wearing, it gives an idea of how all the different shades will look together:

If you’re already married, how did you pick your colors?  And for the single girls out there — do you already know what your wedding colors will be?


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18 responses to “Wedding Talk: Colors!

  1. It is going to be gorgeous!!!

    I had a December 29 wedding. In a Catholic church. Poinsettias, evergreen trees and gold candles everywhere. It was an easy choice–RED! I wanted gold, but three of my b-maids are insanely pale and it would have looked awful on them. So, red it was. Painless decision 🙂

  2. Easy: I didn’t have bridesmaids! 🙂 Our wedding was really small, so it was just us up there. Had I had bridesmaids, it would have been red for sure. Red is my favorite color, and it’s so dramatic and makes a fabulous statement!

    That said, I think what you picked is going to look great! 😀

  3. I think your idea is perfect. It solves all your geographic and color problems. As long as you have a common thread (any shade of blue, long gown, silver sandals), it will look very sophisticated and coordinated.

  4. i like that idea a lot about the varying shades of blue!
    i don’t already know my colors. like you, all that i DO know is that i want to be wearing red shoes (no wonder we gravitated towards one another’s blogs!).

    • I heart red shoes! I actually already own quite a few pairs — nothing like a black dress or jeans with a pair of red shoes!

      Good to know I’m not the only one who didn’t have all my colors picked out!

  5. Ha! No one asked us what our colors were (they were a dark red – here is our wedding party).

    I think doing different shades of blue is such a cool idea. I have seen a few pics of weddings lately where the bridesmaids wear different dresses and I think that is really neat!

    It sounds like there are a lot of cool wedding traditions in Brazil. Will we get to read a post all about them? 🙂

    • EVERYONE kept asking me about my colors, too funny that no one asked you.

      I wish I knew all about Brazilian wedding traditions! I bet I’ll find out a bunch of them on my wedding day :-/ I haven’t been to a wedding in Brazil since I was a kid (yep, missed all my friends’ and my brother’s wedding), so I learn about the traditions as I tell my mom something and she freaks out “we don’t do that here!”

  6. I totally was waiting for someone to come forward with the, “…my colors are blush and bashful,” but no such luck.

    I love the different shades of blue theme. I was in a wedding party where the bride said that we could wear any black dress, as long as it was formal. Everyone looked their best, because they got to choose the most flattering garment for them.

    • I think that’s a big part of it too, not everything (or even every color) looks good on everyone (maybe except for black!).

      So people picking the blue that looks good for them, should make them look (and feel) their best!

  7. Melissa

    I didn’t have my colors picked out per se; however I knew around what colors I wanted based on the time of year I married. When I finally got engaged and set a date (this past Sept 25th) I knew I wanted a light shade of green and chocolate brown. I ended up with David’s Bridal color of pistachio. The colors were great together, and in my bouquet I had green and orange.

    I think your idea is great! I gave my girls freedom of whatever dress they wanted as long as it was the same color; and wouldn’t you know they ended up picking out the same dresses anyway.

    Good luck to you! 🙂

  8. Jax

    I know this post is almost a year old, but I’m facing the same dilemna: Wanted red for my bridesmaids but the church carpet/pews are red…so, I like your take on the shades of another color. Thanks for the idea! How did it turn out btw?

    • I LOVED it! Check out my wedding tab: and scroll down to the “formal pictures” post to see how the dresses looked like. It was gorgeous! My only rule was long dress (it’s the tradition in Brazil), blue (but coordinate among each other so it’s different shades), and silver sandals (they could pick the sandals too). I loved how the different style of dresses played out too!

  9. love your colours! i also love David’s Bridal website. I spent many hours on it dressing up my wedding party!

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