World Cup Fever

I might lose a lot of you with this post, but as a true Brazilian, I can’t deny my love for soccer and my excitement for the World Cup.

Yes, I have arranged my lunch schedule at work to fit in line with the Brazilian games.  I’m watching Italy vs Paraguay right now through live streaming on my company’s intranet (one of the advantages to working for an international organization — they encourage this!).

Sunday, I’m hosting a little get together so people can come watch the second Brazilian game at my place.

And lastly, I will be wearing my super-bright yellow jersey to work proudly.  This might get me into trouble since it’s not proper dress code, but I’m hoping people will let it slide.  Because of all its awesomeness.

World Cup only comes once every four years.  Let’s hope Brazil gains its 6th star on our jersey!  (In case you didn’t know, we’re the only country who has 5 stars now — one for each win.  Don’t hate.)

The first Brazilian game is tomorrow.  And I’m already nervous.

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  1. I lived in Rome the summer that Italy won the world cup. They would let us off work early to go watch the games! There was so much celebration when they finally beat Germany, muah ha ha.

    I played soccer in college. I was never good, and don’t follow the teams, but think it is fun to watch!

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