Run Home…

Chicago training officially started last week, but after barely running then (aside from my 8 miles on Saturday — pictures to come!), I decided that this is no time for playing around, and now it’s time to start taking this training seriously…

I was looking forward to running home.  I haven’t run home the short way since Kim was in town and tagged along with me.  I had no clue it had been that long!

Of course the 90+ degree weather and major humidity wasn’t something I was looking forward to, but I knew this route is a fast one.  I was also trying out new shoes so didn’t know how it would all work out (more on the shoes later, still haven’t decided what I think).

My Garmin took FOREVER to pick a signal, and then something weird happened:  it beeped a mile way earlier than normal.  I’ve been running this route for a few weeks now, always take the exact same route so I can properly compare my times, and my first mile marker usually beeps right after passing the Lincoln Memorial, before getting to the Memorial Bridge.  This time it beeped before the Lincoln Memorial claiming I was running a 7:45 pace.  HA!  Like that’s freaking possible.

I was having a really really hard time with the heat.  I also think that despite not actually running a 7:45 pace, I did start out too fast, and sadly admitted defeat and walked quite a bit once I got to the bridge, to drink some water.  I told myself that not every run home has to be a PR, and it’s ok if the heat got to me and I needed a break.

I wish I could tell you that after the initial walk I was good to go the rest of the way, but no such luck…  I walked way more than I would have liked to, and was done with my water way before reaching the end.  I actually drank too much water, as the sloshing on my stomach was also another unwelcome surprise.

At the end, my Garmin claimed I ran 3.23 miles — which I absolutely know it is not true.  I plugged in the 3.1 miles  usually is online, and calculated my pace as 10:10 — not too shabby, specially if you knew just how much I really walked.

Has this Garmin snafu happened to anyone before?  I’ve had it not record all my mileage because it didn’t pick up signal until I had started my run, but NEVER had it claiming I ran longer than I really did.  Totally bizarre.

I have a really hard time pacing myself on these run homes.  The gradual downhill throws me off and I start out too fast, and then feel like death halfway through it.  The heat is not going to get any better, I really have to find a way to run it fast, but not too fast…


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8 responses to “Run Home…

  1. sherry

    I ran 3 miles today in 28min and 23 seconds. Not sure how! That is close to a 9:30 pace. So maybe you did better than 10:10?

    • Damn, Sherry, that’s GREAT time! Congrats! You abandoned me and are already running faster 🙂

      • sherry

        Abandoned. LOL. Packing/Moving related stuff is worse than running. I would rather be training if I had the choice. I did that run at work. Too bad we can’t meetup during the day in DC. I’ll be back on some weeknights and weekends once my place is in gear!

  2. I’ve had that happen with my Garmin (305). I was doing a half, clocking steady 11:00s, and then all of a sudden one of my miles was like 9:30 (and I’d walked A LOT that mile). It corrected itself a mile later by recording a 14 minute mile – that I’d run. Too odd.

    • Mine has done that before, and it always corrects itself, the problem is that this time it didn’t — it still registered a longer mileage than it actually was. Totally weird.

      I think I’m going to map it out online and compare to see what it thinks I actually ran!

  3. I have heard of that happening to other people’s Garmins too. I have not experienced it yet. I think you are doing well on pace, especially considering the heat. And you aren’t doing tempos/intervals, right? You should just take it easy and slow to make sure you are in tip top shape for the marathon!

    Am excited to hear about the shoes…

    • I had never heard of that before — underestimating due to lost satellite signals, sure, but it never overestimated mine!

      Not doing tempo/intervals — sounds too confusing for me… I’m trying to go slower on the long runs now, but still hoping to go faster on those short runs, I just have to get used to this heat!

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