Assateague Camping + Run!

I mentioned how I was super excited to go camping, but knew that there’s no way I’d get my 8 mile run in.  Well, turns out I was wrong!

On Thursday, I posted it on facebook that I had to find a way to run 8 miles while camping at Assateague, and found out that one of my friends was also camping there too!  She offered to run with me, even though she had never run 8 miles before (her longest run until then was 6 miles!).

I met Vicky at 8:30am on Saturday, and we went off on a run!  I parked on the other side of the bridge before the entrance to Assateague Island, and we ran towards the National Park campsites.  It was still a bit chilly that morning when we started, and the sun hadn’t fully come out yet.  That didn’t last long, and it got scorching hot a few minutes later.  We didn’t have much of a view of the beach though, which was hidden behind the dunes all the way in the back, but it was still a nice run.

It got hot soon enough…  As you can tell by my horrified red and sweaty face, around the third mile of the run…

We had a pretty good run, and though we were confronted with headwind the whole way out, we missed the headwind on the way back when the heat was becoming unbearable.  Vicky was feeling the heat (as you can tell by her desire to strip off her shirt), but looking a lot better than I was!

Seeing the bay again at the end of our run was a good distraction, it’s a pretty view…

Of course, remember how we started our run on the bridge?  Yep, we had to take that on the last quarter-mile of our run again…  Believe me, that short, but super-steep bridge, is a lot more intimidating in person…

And we’re dripping wet, but done!  We finished the run in about 1:28.

Vicky went back to the State Park where she was camping, and I made my way back to the National Park, meeting up with Karl who had just woken up, and we finally headed to the beach.  And we saw the ponies!

I think he was posing!

They somehow got lined up in front of us…

And Karl is showing off that all the time at the gym is paying off!

I’m not as lucky, and take above-the-shoulders-only pictures when sporting a bathing suit.

Nothing like a fake margarita post-run (this was actually pretty good!)

Now I’m back in DC, missing the beach.  We’re having a few friends over on Sunday to watch the World Cup game (Brazil vs Ivory Coast), and Karl’s dad will be visiting us from Seattle, also arriving on Sunday, so instead of enjoying our building’s pool, I’m coming home every night to clean the mess around our place.

Uh, and yep, I should mention that I’m the messy one, not him.   So it’s my mess to clean up *sigh*

On the bright side?  2 weeks until we’re off to the Dominican Republic!


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5 responses to “Assateague Camping + Run!

  1. sherry

    You will have to let me know how Punta Cana is. We will be off to Cancun a week later I think.

  2. Yay for getting the run in on vacay! And how fun to run with a friend. I bet you felt good relaxing all day after a hard run.

    Wow! Go Karl! 🙂 I bet you look just as good 🙂

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