Wedding Talk: Invitations!

At first, I really wanted nice colorful invitations with personality but my father was dead-set in formal, proper invitations.  So I told him “fine, you do what you want to do there in Brazil, and I do what I want to do for my guests here.”  (I can be quite stubborn sometimes.)

But the more I got to read wedding blogs and see pictures of others invitations, the more I realized that though there is a place for creative and different, there will always be a place for formal invites.  And it would truly make my parents happier if I just went with the formal ones.  Turns out, Karl also preferred the formal invitations.

I also started to really lose my excitement for colorful invitations (they have to match my “theme”?  WTF?  My theme is called “wedding”), and was even less excited to have two separate sets of invites.

My dad then came up with the idea of having one set of invitations but with both languages in it.  I thought it was ridiculous.  Karl thought it was super-cool.  Majority won.

I’m glad I gave it a chance!  We got the proofs this week, and I really really like them!

The reception information will be on a separate small card, but this is how our invitations will look like (click for full size):

Yes, I deleted any identifying information — I know it’s easy enough for you guys to plug my bib numbers in, get my full name and facebook stalk the hell out of me (because, truly, you have nothing better to do), but I figured our parents might not appreciate that, and there’s no reason to give my full address out there.

Oh, and yes, my mom has a ridiculously long name.  Such is Brazilian standards (you get your dad’s very last name, plus all your mother’s last names.  And when you get married, you just add another name to it).  My name is almost as long, but in order to add Karl’s last name, I will have to cut off the Portuguese part of my name, put my last name as my middle name and be left with a 100% German last name.  American forms have a hard time with my name as is — according to the IRS, my last name is actually my middle name + my last name, because when I registered for my Social Security Card after moving to the US, their computer system did not have enough space for my whole middle name.  That was a fun tax-return year when they mailed me that my name did not exist in their registry.

What do you guys think?  Are the two languages in one invitation confusing?


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6 responses to “Wedding Talk: Invitations!

  1. I love the bi-lingual invites! I think it is so incredibly unique 🙂

  2. They are unique and pretty! Very timeless. 🙂

  3. Rachel

    Nope, I love it. I went to a wedding last year in Israel for a couple that is American and South African (they live in Israel). So they did dual English/Hebrew invites and they were gorgeous. Great idea.

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